So this is where I introduce myself. My name is Stephen, and I’m a full-time Digital Entrepreneur, SEO Consultant and Affiliate Marketer.

I began my online journey in 2016, after recovering from a large operation that would realign my legs, leaving me unable to walk for several weeks; A blessing in disguise, because I’m now able to walk properly and even run… Oh and I learned how to do basic SEO.

Move to 2017, that very training I did in my downtime helped me land the “job”, as an SEO Assistant in WPP’s up and coming marketing agency, MediaCom, where I learned from data-driven experts, and now who I consider as dear friends.

Whilst at MediaCom I worked on a range of websites, from huge travel companies to small local charities, it truly was the most wonderful experience in helping me prepare to run my own business.

But before I started at MediaCom, I’d heard about affiliate marketing, and had started a few niche blogs; And with applying the new skills that I was actively learning whilst at the agency, these websites took off!

After seeing an increase in affiliate commisions each day, my yearning for independent work freedom increased, and slowly but surely I became incredibly unhappy, dissatisfied to the point of depression by the idea of working for someone else… I was bringing in good money, I had the flash apartment, but I simply was not happy.

So I made a pledge to scale up my ventures, and in June 2018 I officially became a full-time online business owner/SEO consultant.

The Marketing Vibe is a company that I’ve set up to document and teach the knowledge that I’ve accumulated over the last two years, in SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Software and Dropshipping (My dropshipping business is my most recent diversification strategy which I started in June 2018).

I hope that you find this blog interesting and incredibly valuable. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me on themarketingvibe (@)

In the meantime, if there’s a single piece of advice that I’ve learned over the years, it’s KISS (Keep it Simple Silly).



Business Address:

Greenbrook Close, Bury, Greater Manchester, BL9 6NS


[email protected]