AliDropship Review (Jul 2024) – WordPress Plugin Review & Discount🥇

Last Updated: July 22, 2024

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing AliDropship, and in particular, the AliDropship plugin for WordPress.

We’ll be talking about what exactly AliDropship is, reviewing the features and benefits of using the plugin for your dropshipping store/dropshipping website.

We hope that you find this alidropship review useful and informative.

However, firstly, if you happen to be in a rush, here’s an article summary:

Article Summary: AliDropship is a fantastic way to create, manage and automate the day-to-day functioning of your dropshipping business. It does everything from helping you market your products, through to real-time stock management and adaptive pricing.

Therefore we would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone looking to make their time creating and managing a dropshipping store, a lot easier. We use it in our own dropshipping stores!

To make things even better, AliDropship has provided us with a 25% discount that we can offer to our readers, so use it whilst it lasts!

So without further ado, let’s talk about AliDropship!


⭐What is AliDropship?

AliDropship is a WordPress plugin, created by Yaros. The plugin is designed to help dropshipping business owners, more specifically, those doing aliexpress dropshipping, to streamline and automate their day-to-day tasks, to allow them to focus on the bigger picture.

It helps with choosing, importing, organizing, and managing inventory, through to placing orders in a semi-automated way… All of which with minimal effort and time.


🥇What Services Does AliDropship Offer, and Which Should I Choose?

To get it straight, AliDropship’s plugin is at the core of every product that AliDropship provides.

However, there are some different options available, depending on your needs and whether you want a DIY solution of a Done-For-You solution.

It can be somewhat confusing to know exactly what solution is ideal for you, and therefore we’ve done our best to provide each of the products, alongside who we personally think it’s best suited for.

  • AliDropship Plugin – For those who want to create their own site from scratch. AliDropship have some free, compatible e-commerce themes and so you can then begin adding your own aliexpress products – This is ideal for those who want to learn by doing, keep costs low, whilst getting this awesome plugin.


  • AliDropship Custom Stores – For those who want to have a bespoke store created for them, by a highly experienced project manager, who does all of the work (consulting you at every point), including niche research, competitor analysis, product selection & importing and graphics/content for the site. Not only this, but you’ll have lifetime support and updates on your AliDropship Custom Store purchase – This is ideal for someone who wants to watch and learn from the experts, and let them handle the job of creating you a store, including social media account creation.


  • AliDropship Premium Stores – For these who want to get an exact copy of a store that AliDropship owns, including all of the aliexpress products, and the exact ads and marketing strategy that they are currently using to make the store profitable. It will include a different logo and then you’ll be fully operational – This is ideal for those who want an exact formula to follow, but without the expense of purchasing an established store which is already earning. We’ve purchased one of these stores, and you can read our AliDropship Premium Store Review here.


  • AliDropship Established Stores – For those who want to purchase an existing e commerce business and store, which is already making a certain amount of $$$ per week. The advantage of this is you can get a fully profitable business, without the need for you to do much work; And it gives you the opportunity to see under the hood of a dropshipping store which is winning – This is ideal for those who have some investable income, and want to purchase a fully working and earning ecommerce store immediately.


AliDropship Plugin Review

The Ali Dropship plugin comes in two different versions

  • AliDropship Plugin (Original)
  • AliDropship Woo Plugin

Both of these plugins integrate with WordPress, and either can be used. However, the Woo version is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with WooCommerce and WooCommerce themes. You can see our comparison of original vs woocommerce dropshipping in the section directly below.


AliDropship Original VS AliDropship Woo Plugin

Alidropship review of plugin types

You can find out which AliDropship themes are suitable for either the Original or Woo plugin version by looking the AliDropship themes page here:

AliDropship Themes selection

It’s important to note that once you purchase the AliDropship dropshipping plugin, you’ll get access to download both the AliDropship Original and AliDropship Woo version.

AliDropship Original & Woo Version


AliDropship Plugin Features


Both the AliDropship Original and AliDropship Woo plugin have some incredibly useful features, that will allow you to streamline your business’ processes, like product importing, order fulfillment and stock updates, etc, so that you can focus on the most important aspect, which is promoting, growing and scaling your business.

It truly is an all-in-one dropshipping solution, as you’ll see from watching the video below.

Specific Features

AliDropship Plugin Dashboard: Detailed Traffic & Sales Analysis


There are many benefits & features to using a plugin such as AliDropship to streamline your dropshipping activities, these include:

Import products feature — Any product featured on AliExpress can be imported with a click of a button, via the alidropship chrome extension, making for quick and simple creation of a store.

This means that you don’t have to spend time painstakingly copying information and images over, instead, the plugin allows for you to automatically import products, including all aspects of an AliExpress product page.

Your imported listings can then be edited and further modified, allowing you to change title, descriptions, photos, etc, for store personalization.

We have to say, this is such a fantastic feature, and makes aliexpress dropshipping so much easier.

Import reviews — You can import any product reviews into your store with just the click of a button. Once they’re imported, they’ll be displayed below the product details, in an effort to help improve purchase conversion rates.

Automated Price Markup — Similar to any business, one of the biggest reasons why most drop shipping staores fail is because they simply don’t make a profit, why? Well this can be due to a number of reasons, but one being that they begin to make a loss on products when they’re not agile enough to realize their supplier has changed theirs.

With increased costs on your end, you need to be able to react instantly to prevent loss of profit. The AliDropship dropshipping plugin allows you to set a pricing markup via a %, meaning that as your supplier’s costs change, your costs change in relation. The plugin will check your supplier’s costs every day if you specify.

Not only this, but if the supplier runs out of stock or stops selling the product entirely, the listing on your own dropshipping store will match this, meaning that you aren’t selling anything that you cannot get stock of immediately.


Currency Conversions — The AliDropship plugin allows you to show different prices to users different IP locations, why is this useful? Well, let’s say you wanted to take advantage of psychological principles to encourage your visitors to buy such as the $7.99 cent rule, i.e not rounding up to the nearest dollar.

Well if this price was directly converted for a UK resident it would be around £6.24, which does not take advantage of this psychological principle. Therefore having control of pricing based on geographical location is a useful feature!

Shipping Options — This plugin allows you to set shipping options on a product by product basis. This is important as different products will cost different amounts to send, not only due to size and weight, but also due to the destination. Therefore, having a plugin with this feature is crucial to secure your profitability.

Payment — For a successful store, you need a frictionless purchasing process, yes that’s a process that requires the minimum amount of effort for your potential customer to complete, therefore you need a payment gateway, or even multiple payment gateways for your customer to choose from.

The AliDropship plugin offers access to the following payment gateways, supporting Paypal (& Paypal one-click purchase), 2Checkout, PayU, and Stripe.

Abandoned Cart: For visitors who have provided contact information, if they abandon cart at the checkout, AliDropship has a feature to set up automated emails which can be sent to the visitor, with the aim to entice them to come back and complete the transaction, this is an ideal time to send them a coupon code offering 10% off to give them an offer they simply cannot refuse.

AliExpress Cashback: The AliDropship plugin allows you to claim up to 12% cashback on your stock purchases at AliExpress, for more information refer to the AliDropship Cashback Information page, however, you can essentially sign up (for free) for the AliExpress affiliate scheme, and when you receive your unique affiliate code, AliDropship has an area to input this code, so whenever you make an order, you can claim up to 12% of your money back, as a referral fee… Win, win!

Finally, this has to be one of the best features of AliDropship… The One-Click Automated Ordering System

Automated Ordering System (One-Click) — This is where the paradox begins, your dropship store begins to get busy, and ironically despite it being a dropshipping store, you’re now busy too! Well, it isn’t the reason why you started a dropshipping store for more free time!

Well, the AliDropship plugin has your back here, as it features a one-click place order button, which transfers all of the data inputted within each of the orders you have into Aliexpress, where the orders are processed automatically… Incredible right! Meaning that all you need time for is the click of a button.

Incredible Customer Support Team — Alidropship prides themselves on providing their customers with quick customer support, and in our experience, they usually reply and resolve issues in less than 24 hours (during the week).

Stores that Use AliDropship

We’ve included a number of online e-commerce stores that have been created using the AliDropship plugin, within our AliDropship Custom Store Examples article.

However, we’ll be discussing those stores here too, but you can read that article to find out a lot more information about the stores from a UX and SEO perspective.

  1. URL homepage

Initial Impression: The store looks very professional, with its layout and use of high-quality images, it really does look like a reputable women’s clothing provider.

UX Experience:



2. URL homepage

Initial Impression: This store also looks professional in its layout… Although we’re not personally too keen on the logo design or the font, as this is meant to be a high-end looking store (we’re being really critical here) but these can be easily changed.

UX Experience:



3. URL Homepage

Initial Impression: At first glance, the store looked a little odd, and that’s when I realized why… It doesn’t have a main menu… This is a HUGE mistake! Otherwise, it’s got a very ‘accessories store’ feel to it, and seeing as it is an accessories/jewelry store, selling lower-priced products, it’s perfectly created to create impulse purchasing.

UX Experience:



⭐AliDropship Plugin Price & Discount Code

We hope that you can see the benefit of using the AliDrophsip plugin for your next dropshipping ecom store, as it really increases the store’s efficiency and helps set your business up for success.

As for the price of the AliDropship plugin, it’s normally a one-time-payment of $89,00.

However, we’ve been able to find a discount code, which will get you a 25% discount. With that you’ll get the plugin for lifetime use, which includes free updates with no additional fees.

So for $66.75, it’s a very small cost to set up a fully automated dropshipping store, and a business that will bring in lots of profit, assuming you put the work in.

AliDropship Plugin (Original & Woo) — 25% Off [Click here]



🥇AliDropship Done-For-You Store

However, If you’re more interested in getting a custom store created for you by the AliDropship team, which is a done-for-you solution, where an experienced member of the AliDropship team does niche research, selection and competitor analysis, and then creates you a fully functional store… Then take a read of our AliDropship Custom Store Review & Case Study here, we’ve even found a 15% Off AliDropship Custom Store Discount here.

AliDropship Basic Custom Store Discount: $254.15 (15% off) – Get Discount here

AliDropship Advanced Custom Store Discount: $424.15 (15% off) – Get Discount here

AliDropship Ultimate Custom Store Discount:: $764.15 (15% off) – Get Discount here

AliDropship Supreme Custom Store Discount: $2464 (15% off) – Get Discount here

How to manage your dropshipping store

You can read our full guide on managing your new dropshipping store, which includes an overview of exactly what you should focus on, alongside the tools that we use within our own business, to manage our dropshipping stores.


We really hope that you’ve found this alidropship review article useful and you’re considering taking the next step in using alidropship to create your own profitable dropshipping business!

All you need to remember is, creating an online store using alidropship is a learning experience, and once you master it, you can create a widely successful online business, which provides the freedom for you to work on your own schedule, from anywhere in the world.

If you have any questions about it please leave a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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