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Last Updated: June 15, 2024

In this article we’re going to be discussing which is a new tool that uses state-of-the-art artificial intelligence to help business’, agencies, content marketing experts, affiliate marketers, freelancers, and many more .. . to create content for their clients or own website assets.


Article Summary: Similarly to many of you reading this, we deal with multiple websites and spend the majority of our time creating content for these assets. This costs us a lot of money as we have to hire multiple writers.

Well, that was until we got Copysmith (we’re on the $ 59 per month plan), and now we’ve managed to reduce our cost per article by over 80% and substantially increase ROI, since we were spending $ 800 + on content writing per month. Not any more!

Being powered by Open AI’s GPT-3, the tool is so advanced and incredibly versatile, it’s really helped to transform our business.

It creates everything from Blog Posts, Category Content & Product Descriptions, Blog Post Ideation, PPC ads (Google, FB & Instagram Ads), Headlines, Taglines, Content Re-writer & more!

Sign up for their trial and see for yourself (no credit card required).


Copysmith Review – Is It Worth Your Money?

Is Copysmith worth your money? That is the question!

For us, it certainly is!

And we imagine that it’s the same for 99% of business ‘, online marketers, content creators and entrepreneurs’.

Why? Well, content is the most important aspect of any online business, it communicates between your brand and your ideal consumer and potential customer.

Without high quality content that informs and captivates your visitors, your business is just another faceless brand on the internet.

Copysmith not only helps with content creation, but also with the content ideation process.

We’re going to get into depth about what kinds of content you can create with Copysmith, but you’ll find that it’s incredibly versatile, and whether you’re a blog, consultancy, local business, ecommerce store or an instagram influencer, you’ll find that Copysmith has all of the tools you need for writing captivating copy and content.

We’ll also be providing you with the unedited output from Copysmith, so you can see exact content that it provides, so get ready to be impressed!

That will be in the ‘Case Study’ section.

However, before we do that, let’s firstly talk about how the company came to be, and how they managed to get access to the ultra-advanced AI processor that’s behind the tool.


Company Background

Copysmith is the mastermind of Co-Founder Jasmin Wang. Jasmine is a computer science graduate who had a large passion for writing and literature.

This led to her becoming more involved in NLP (Natural Language Processing) research and development, working as such companies as Square, Lyft and then Mila, which is the largest academic deep learning lab.

Finally this then led to working at Microsoft research and ultimately becoming a researcher at Open AI, the company that Elon Musk founded.

Copysmith was born out of neccessilty for Jasmine, as she was trying to find a way to create an e-commerce store with her business partner, but began struggling to create content for the site, whilst managing all of the other elements of the business.

After doing research and finding that there were really no viable tools that existed on the market, and also seeing that other business owners and entrepreneurs were experiencing the same issues; Jasmine began using her knowledge to co-found Copysmith.


About the tool

Copysmith is a fantastic content ideation and creation tool that helps business’, entrepreneurs, content writers, copywriters, etc, to create a range of content for their web assets.

Copysmith is powered by Open AI’s GPT-3, which is the most advanced artificial intelligence model that uses deep learning (machine learning) to understand human text.

The model is contantly developing, and thus the results that it provides get more personalized to your feedback (We’ll explain more about this later). This ultimately helps Copysmith understand the inputted content, to provide a high-quality content output.

What types of content can I create?

Content template types

These types of content include:

  • Blog Posts – Has just been released to Early Adopter, Professional & Enterprise Plans
  • Product Descriptions
  • Category Page Content
  • Content Rewriter
  • SEO Metatag
  • Landing Page Content
  • Content Ideas & Outlines
  • Taglines
  • Ad Ideas
  • Ad headlines
  • Google ad content
  • Facebook Ad Content
  • Instagram Ad Content


New & Upcoming Developments

The team at Copysmith is always releasing new features and content creation templates, and these have been largely based on the demand and feedback that the company have received from current users.

The blog post creation template has just been released to Early Adopter, Professional & Enterprise Plans, as of February 2021.

The company recently updated the tool’s entire dashboard / interface, to help users organize their existing files and reports into subfolders (shown on the left), making it easier to search for previously created content.

Additionally, they have provided search bar functionality for those who want to search via a specific keyword.

Copysmith new interface


How the Tool Works

Once you’ve logged into Copysmith, you’re presented with all of the available page templates that you have access to create, we’ve provided a demonstration video below which shows us creating a product description:

Once we’ve selected a content template to create, we’re presented with several inputs that Copysmith requires that we fill out, before GPT-3 can process some copy for us.

When Copysmith has provided copy, it provides us with a selection of options, which appears on the right. If you like a particular piece of copy that Copysmith has provided, you can click the ‘more like this’ button to have Copysmith deliver more results like that particular option.

In addition to this, you can also provide feedback to Copysmith by clicking the ‘heart’ button on any options that you thought were particularly good.

This in-turn affects the type, tone and structure of future content that is outputted, as Copysmith learns what copy you’re positively responding to.


Testimonials – Who’s Using Copysmith?

Well, firstly we’re using Copysmith for our own portfolio of ecommerce sites, including our affiliate websites.

It’s been saving us so much time in helping us create category copy, product descriptions and blog posts. We’re currently using the content expander tool to help with blog posts; But have just started using the blog post creator template, which has only been recently released.

Additionally, we’ve started offering this as a service within our sister agency.

There are several other companies like Stackmatix, Marshalls, and Volcom that are also using the tool at scale:

business' using copysmith

copysmith testimonials



Copysmith has a range of pricing options available, which is great because they’ve really covered all budgets.

  • Starter plan: $19/month (discount when paid annually)
  • Professional plan: $59/month (discount when paid annually)
  • Early Adopter plan: $59/month (discount when paid annually)
  • Enterprise plan: $499/month (discount when paid annually)

Copysmith pricing


Copysmith Starter Plan

  • 50/credits per month
  • All short content types


Copysmith Professional Plan

  • 250/credits per month
  • All content types (Including blog posts)
  • Prioritized input on new product roadmap
  • Prioritised customer service


Copysmith Early Adopter Plan

  • 1000/credits per month
  • All content types (Including blog posts)
  • Prioritized input on new product roadmap
  • Prioritised customer service


Copysmith Enterprise Plan

  • 1000/credits per month
  • All content types (Including blog posts)
  • Assigned account manager and onboarding process
  • Custom domain for sharing content outputs
  • Prioritized input on new product roadmap
  • Prioritised customer service


Pros of Using Copysmith

  • Ultra-high quality content
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Backs up all of your content
  • All-in-one tool, creating optimised content for SEO, PPC and CRO
  • Tool is constantly being updated
  • Affordibly priced with an accommodating pricing structure
  • Saves us hours of time in ideation and writing content
  • Reduced costs as we no longer have to employ writers
  • AI learns about your personal preferences for phrasing and tonality
  • Good, responsive customer support
  • Quick export of content


Cons of Using Copysmith

  • They’re a new company, so the templates are still in development
  • Credits do not roll over to the next month if unused
  • Some content types require 5-10 credits


Case Study

As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this Copysmith review, we’ve signed up to the ‘Early Adopter’ plan, which gives us 1000 monthly credits.

Upon first signing up to Copysmith we were largely using the ‘content expander’ template, as one of our ecommerce websites required a lot of category page content, and this template was perfect in delivering approximately 180-250 words of content per generation.

Each generation provides 5-10 content outputs, which we usually combine. Then after we add in some internal links (for SEO purposes) and slightly refine the content, it looks perfect. And this all takes less than 1 minute.

Given that we’ve been using Copysmith to create blog content, we’re getting approximately 30 blog posts per month from this… Bear in mind that this will be easier once the ‘blog post’ template has been refined more (since it’s literally just been released), as we’re currently using the ‘content expander’ template, which isn’t necessarily designed for creating full blog content.

This ultimately means that the blog post template will help to further increase both our credit efficiency and the time we’re spending editing the content.

Copysmith Content Output Example:

Let’s provide some examples of the content that Copysmith provides:

Landing page template:

Company Name: Copysmith

Landing Page URL:

Tone or Product Keywords: Formal, High Quaility, AI

Description: Copysmith is a AI content creation tool that helps business and agencies create high quality content at scale.

Content Output:

Landing page content output




Well, we hope that you’ve been able to see the value that Copysmith provides, particularly if you’re running a business or agency that relies on creating regular batches of high-quality content.

Given that it’s using Open AI’s GPT-3’s language model, the content output is forever adapting to the feedback you provide, so it’s only going to get better over time.

Therefore, if you’re like us, and you want to create more content, that’s of high quality, in less time, then you’ll definitely want to check out, and sign up for Copysmith’s free trial.

Sign up for their trial and see for yourself (no credit card required).



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

In this section we’re going to address some of the key questions that we’ve seen lingering in forums and social media posts, regarding Copysmith.

How long has Copysmith been around?

The company was founded in 2020, and has since grown rapidly to become one of the industry-leading AI content creation tools.

How can Copysmith help me in my business?

Other than providing you with high-quality, unique AI-written content, Copysmith has some fantastic ideation templates, which based on your niche, will provide blog ideas. ad ideas, headline ideas, etc.

Is the content that Copysmith provides unique?

Yes the content that Copysmith provides is unique, and hence it’s great for those companies who are relying on gaining organic search traffic from Google, as it’s generally accepted that Google favours unique content.

Why should I buy Copysmith?

We can think of a million reasons why you should buy copysmith, but realistically it all boils down to the following 1 point:

  • Adapt or die (Moneyball movie reference)

If your competitors are employing this tool for their business, it’s going to provide them with such a large competitive advantage, as they can create optimised, engaging content so much quicker than the rest of the industry, they’ll leave everyone else in the dust.

More specifically, Copysmith not only helps you create this engaging content faster, saving you thousands of hours (if you rely on content like us), but also cheaper than ever before.

This means that you can concentrate on other areas of your business, to help expand and scale operations.

>>> Get access to the free trial of Copysmith (no credit card required) <<<

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