KWFinder Pricing – What’s the Cost of KWFinder? – May 2024

Last Updated: May 29, 2024

In this article, we’re going to be talking about the cost of KWFinder, and the specific pricing plans they have available on their site.

Not to mention, we’re also going to be talking about how to get an approximate 40% discount off each plan.

Therefore, let’s talk about KWFinder Prices!


KWFinder Price Plans

KWFinder (Mangools) has three main monthly pricing plans, as you can see from below:

  • Mangools Basic – $56 per month
  • Mangools Premium – $78 per month
  • Mangools Agency – $136 per month

KWFinder’s packages are priced in euros, so we’re going to convert these to the dollar amount, but be aware, this amount will change slightly over time, given currency conversions.

However, although these prices may seem high, you can get approximately 40% off these, if you pay yearly, instead of monthly.

KW Finder Pricing Plans - Mangools Packages


Pay yearly and get a discount

KWFinder provides customers with the option to pay for their plan in yearly installments, instead of monthly.

This entitles you to get a 40% KW Finder Discount! Therefore, you can see that the price drops significantly

  • Mangools Basic – $34 per month (When paid annually)
  • Mangools Premium – $45 per month (When paid annually)
  • Mangools Agency – $90 per month (When paid annually)

You can view KWFinder pricing plans here, and even sign up for your 10-Day Free Trial.

KWFinder Yearly Plan DiscountHowever, if KW Finder still seems to be a little too expensive for your budget, why not try using a similar tool, like KeySearch.

We’ve written a KeySearch Review, discussing all of the unique features of the keyword research tool.

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