How to Manage Your Dropshipping Store (May 2024)🥇

Last Updated: May 29, 2024

In this article we’re going to be discussing how you can manage your dropshipping store, so that you can quickly scale and increase sales, revenue and profits.

Not only this but the goal is to reduce the amount of time you’re personally spending on managing your ecommerce store…Why? Because the more time you’re dedicating on the day-to-day running, the less time you’re spending working on the overall business and marketing strategy.

Now before we dive into the strategies and tools that we use, we want to make sure that every one of our readers is on the same page.

We’re assuming that you already own a dropshipping store, if so then keep reading!

If not, you have three options, create one yourself, buy a custom-made one, or buy a pre-made store:

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How to manage your dropshipping store

Once you have your store, we can simplify the management of the store into three main elements:

  • Order Management & Fulfillment
  • Adding New Products
  • Identify New Opportunites & Add New Content (Product, Category and Blog content)
  • Marketing Your Store – PPC, SEO & SMM


Order Management & Fulfillment

fulfilling dropshipping orders

This task requires that you’re responsive to new orders that come in, making sure that you’re fulfilling orders, which is very easy with AliDropship, taking one-click of a button.

Additionally, it’s crucial that you’re also responding to emails from potential and existing customers, who may have questions about their orders.

Once your store begins making sales, we imagine most entrepreneurs will want to outsource this task to a VA, so that you can focus on the overall business strategy.


Adding New Products

Adding new products to your store

Although your new store has lots of high-quality products, it’s always useful to keep an eye out for new industry trends and product-releases, so that you can ride the wave and get a piece of the pie (so to speak).

Adding products is simple with the Ali-Dropship chrome plugin and it requires three simple steps:

  • Find a product that you wish to import – Be sure to look at the product reviews and supplier ratings.
  • Select/Create the product category (on your website) that you wish to import it to
  • Click the ‘Import’ button (importing all images, product descriptions, specifications and customer reviews)
  • Edit the product using the AliDropship plugin’s many features, including the built-in image editor, text editor and much more.


Identify New Opportunites & Add New Content (Product, Category and Blog content)

Adding new content to your ecommerce store and blog

This is the most challenging and time-consuming part for all dropshippers.

Well, it used to be until now!

See, we experienced the same issue as we currently run a portfolio of dropshipping stores (3 in total).

However, with advancements in tools and technology, we’ve found that we no longer need to hire multiple writers (for hundreds of dollars per month) but we mainly use three tools:

Keysearch – Keyword research

keyword research tool - Keysearch

We use KeySearch to find new keyword opportunites so that we can begin creating content around that particular topic.

Keysearch has one of the most accurate keyword difficulty scores, which is essential in letting you know if a keyword is possible to rank for.

Afterall, the more time you spend targeting keywords that you can’t rank for, the more time and money you’re wasting.

They are currently providing a free trial which you can access on their website, and they’re also offering users a 20% OFF coupon, using the code ‘KSDISC‘ at checkout

This means that the starter plan works out to be $13.6 per month (additional $35 discount available if paid yearly) and the pro plan is $27.2 (additional $129 discount available if paid yearly)

>>>Learn more about KeySearch here<<<


Spinrewriter – AI Content Creation


We use SpinRewriter to help create blog content.

Spinrewriter spins content. Spinning is the process of taking existing content and replacing words with other existing synonyms and changing the overall sentance structure.

Firstly we look in Google’s search results for who’s ranking for the keyword we’re trying to rank for, and then once we’ve figured this out, we take that content and put it into spinrewriter.

What we’re trying to do is model their content, as it’s clear that Google is rewarding their content, and so we’ll do a light spin.

80% of the job is done, but we then go through to add some new paragraphs, citing our own opinions and verdict. We also re-work any copy that doesn’t read so well.

Once we’re finished, we use Grammarly (free) or Copywritely (paid) to make sure the content is gramatically correct before uploading it to the client’s or our own website.

>>>Learn more about SpinRewriter here<<<


Copysmith – Advanced AI Content Creation (gpt-3)


Copysmith is a artificial intelligence tool which is powered by Open AI, a company founded by the infamous Elon Musk.

Open AI is known to have developed the most advanced AI text tool that’s around, which is called GPT-3.

Copysmith is powered by GPT-3, and is one of the rare companies that has gotten access to the AI. The reason we speculate this has been possible for them, is because their founder is a former engineer from Open AI.

Anyway, Copysmith helps you automatically create the following content, and do the following tasks:

  • Blog Ideas
  • Blog Posts
  • Content Rewriter
  • Product Descriptions
  • Category Content
  • Social Media Posts
  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads

copysmith content ai options

Hopefully, by the time you’re reading this, we’ll have a full review of Copysmith, which we’ll link to here.

However, feel free to visit their website and check out the tool; It’s saving us hundreds of dollars per month as we no longer need as many copywriters or article writers. Instead, all that’s required is a trained VA to use the tool, or simply use it yourself.

Prices start at $16 per month (when paid annually), and we’re currently signed up to their $59 per month plan.

>>>Learn more about Copysmith here<<<


Marketing Your Store – PPC, SEO & SMM

To successfully market your store, there are several avenues that you can take, either the paid or organic traffic route.

Paid methods refers to advertisments and paid promotions, which could be Google ads, Facebook ads, Instagram ads, Pinterest ads, etc.

Organic methods refers to other means of advertising that you don’t pay for on a Cost-Per-Click basis like search engine optimisation, social media marketing, forum posting, etc.

We do not run paid advertising on our own stores, and instead rely entirely on organic traffic methods.

We optimise our site for SEO purposes, choosing the right keywords to target (using KeySearch to find low-competition keywords), create optimised content (using SpinRewriter and Copysmith)and we then begin acquiring backlinks to our sites.

For most business owners who aren’t sure on where to acquire backlinks from, we suggest using a service like FATJOE or SEOReseller.

Otherwise, get in touch with us at themarketingvibe (at) and we’ll be happy help, as we provide link building as a service within our sister agency.

Whilst the sites are ranking, we focus on social media posting, using AliDropship’s Social Rabbit plugin, which once set up, completely automates our social media posts.

Our next goal is to begin using PPC to further increase sales, but SEO and Social Media Marketing is the foundation of our dropshipping business’.

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them below and we’ll do our best to respond ASAP.

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