AliDropship Custom Store Review & Case Study Guide (May 2024)

Last Updated: May 29, 2024

In this article, we’re going to be doing a review of AliDropship’s custom store packages.

Not only are we going to be discussing the features and benefits of using one of these packages, but we’re going to be showing an actual store that was created using the service.

Additionally, we’ve included a 15% Off Discount Coupon, which you can find further down the article, or in our alidropship custom store discount article.

If you just so happen to be in a rush, we’ve included a Article Summary directly below:

Article Summary: AliDropship’s Custom Store Service is ideal for those wanting to start dropshipping stores, but have one of the two issues, 1) They lack the experience and technical knowledge, 2) They lack the time.

Because of this, AliDropship’s custom store creation service is extremely popular, and we would highly recommend taking a look at it further, whether that’s learning more from reading this article or visiting the AliDropship website for more information.

None-the-less, we’ve included a 15% Discount on All AliDropship Custom Stores, so make sure that you claim the discount, we’re not sure how long they will provide it for.

So with that being said, let’s talk about the service in this alidropship custom store review!


⭐What is an AliDropshop Custom Dropship Store?

An AliDropship custom dropship store is simply an e-commerce store that is created using the AliDropship plugin.

The plugin allows you to transform a traditional WordPress website into an e-commerce store, which is easy to use and has all of the features needed for you to focus on the main goal, to expand your online business.

AliDropship provides a custom store building service, where they do all of the heavy lifting, and they build you a fully functional dropshipping website, with as much input from yourself as you want, if you have ideas.

Additionally, AliDropship also offers a selection of pre-made stores that you can purchase, instead of having one custom-made for you. These are slighly cheaper. You can find out about these in our alidropship premium store review & case study.


🥇Why Buy a Custom AliDropship Store?

There are many reasons why you may want to purchase a custom store by AliDropship, and we’ve outlined them all in this AliDropship custom store review, they are as follows:

Zero Experience Required

Everyone starts from zero, and this shouldn’t stop you from getting into the game and learning.

Once you’ve purchased a custom store package, you’ll have a dedicated manager who is highly experienced in the process of picking and setting up a dropshipping store.

This means that you don’t need experience yourself, but in fact, it’s a great opportunity to learn from this dedicated manager, and get a masterclass in the exact process of starting and creating a successful dropshipping store.


Saves Time

Starting a new business can be time-consuming, especially if you’re not familiar with what you’re doing. However, knowing that you have AliDropship creating the online store means that you can rest assured that everything is set up correctly, and you can get your dropshipping business up and running quickly.

Additionally, it means that you can spend time setting up other areas of the dropshipping business, or you can simply relax.


Hands-off from Setup Tasks

As we touched on, your dedicated manager will go about the process of researching, analyzing, and then creating your dropshipping business.

You’ll have the final call on any decisions, but for more inexperienced customers, this will be a hands-off process, unless you specify otherwise.

They’ll go about taking care of niche selection, competitor analysis, theme setup, hosting & SSL (if purchased additionally), product selection and importing, setting up payment gateways, and more.


In-depth Market Research Niche Selection & Analysis

A large determining factor (at least for less experienced store owners) is the amount of competition within a particular niche… Too much and you’ll struggle to stand out and compete, too little and that could be because it’s not a good industry to enter.

This is where a keen eye for niche selection comes in handy, and being able to accurately analyze a niche and determine if it’s worth pursuing

Since AliDropship’s dedicated manager does this on a regular basis, they’re obviously going to be good at this process.

This is one of the largest benefits of purchasing an AliDropship Custom Store Package. You’re making sure that you have the best opportunity to make the eCommerce store a success from the offset.


100% Store Ownership

Once the custom store has been created, it’s 100% in your ownership, no questions asked. You are now the legal owner of the store, and it’s yours to promote, succeed with and even eventually sell, if that’s your exit strategy.


Ready for Orders Immediately

As soon as you receive your AliDropship dropshipping business, it’s ready for orders, with no waiting around. This means that you can then focus on promoting your online store and getting traffic to the website.


Import Unlimited Products

Your custom-made AliDropship store has the ability to hold an unlimited amount of products. This means that you can create extensive collections and make sure that there’s a product for every visitor to your store.

It’s quick and simple to add products with the integrated AliDropship plugin, that comes with your store. You can simply download the AliDropship Chrome browser extension and link this to your WordPress plugin via an API key, then begin importing products from AliExpress with a few clicks of your mouse.


Unlimited Automated Order Fulfillment

One of the best things about AliDropship is the automatic order fulfillment functionality, which simply allows for you to fulfill all of your orders at any one time, with a click of a button.

AliDropship links with your AliExpress account, for as long as you are currently logged in with your browser, and the plugin with then order each of the products, taking note of variations, and will automatically input the customers shipping information.

All you need to do is click the ‘Confirm and Pay’ button at the end of the checkout process, and all of your orders are fulfilled


Quick Turnaround

Depending on the package you choose, there will be slightly different turnaround times, but all of which are incredibly fast when considering that you’ll be receiving a fully functional e-commerce store.

Ali Dropship Basic Store: 12-15 Business Days

Ali Dropship Advanced Store: 15-20 Business Days

Ali Dropship Ultimate Store: 20-25 Business Days

Ali Dropship Supreme Store: No Specified Timeframe


Lifetime Support & Upgrades

With the online store, you’ll get technical help, advice, and free software updates for life. This is truly invaluable, and coupled with the fact they have plenty of learning resources means that you’re set up to succeed.


Free Resources on Promoting Your Store

AliDropship is constantly updating their website to include new niche advice, marketing tips, case studies, FAQ answers, and learning guides that help its customers.

After all, it’s in their best interests for their customer to succeed, why? Because a more successful business’ which uses AliDropship means that, the company will accrue more customer success stories and positive testimonials to share on their site, which means more subsequent sales for AliDropship.

AliDropship Learning Resources & Guides


⭐What’s the Price of a Custom AliDropship Store?

So there are four different custom store package options that are available, this includes

Basic Store: $299

Advanced Store: $499

Ultimate Store: $899

Supreme Store: $2899

However, we have been able to get hold of some AliDropship custom store coupon codes which are exclusive to our blog, and get you 15% off! 

We’ve included these discounts directly below.


🥇AliDropship Custom Store Discount

Below we’ve included all of the available AliDropship custom store discounts that are available:

AliDropship Basic Custom Store Discount: $254.15 (15% off) – Get Discount here

AliDropship Advanced Custom Store Discount: $424.15 (15% off) – Get Discount here

AliDropship Ultimate Custom Store Discount:: $764.15 (15% off) – Get Discount here

AliDropship Supreme Custom Store Discount: $2464 (15% off) – Get Discount here


⭐AliDropship Custom Store Case Study

Below are some of the custom stores that have been created using AliDropship.

As you will see, these sites look extremely professional, and they look like trustworthy sites that you would most likely consider buying products from.

For our full SEO and UX analysis of these sites, visit our AliDropship custom store examples analysis article.



Basic Custom Store Case Study


Advanced Custom Store Case Study


Ultimate Custom Store Case Study


AliDropship Custom Store Package Comparison

Niche Research

All packages include niche research, with your dedicated manager doing this task to find the best niches in terms of both business longevity, competitiveness and the amount of potential income to be made.

The niche research process can be quite a complicated process for more inexperienced entrepreneurs, as they don’t consider things like seasonality, and may struggle to accurately assess the level of competition within an industry.



A .com domain is included with each package, which would usually cost about $10 if you were to register it yourself (don’t worry, they transfer the ownership to you when your eCommerce store has been created).


Unique Design

Design is everything for a website, especially an e-commerce site. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that the site not only looks great, but provides a flawless and professional user experience.

Each of the packages includes a unique design, including a logo, header images, favicon, and banner images.



After Google’s mobile-first indexing update, it put pressure on website owners to make sure that their sites were mobile-friendly and responsive.

More and more shoppers are using mobiles to shop online, and therefore, it’s crucial to give them a great customer buying experience, so they’re more likely to trust your brand and purchase from the store.

Each of the packages includes mobile-friendly & responsive designed sites.


AliDropship Plugin

As expected, each of the packages includes the AliDropship plugin, which is the functionality behind the entire store.



For each of the packages, you are unrestricted for the number of products that can be added to your store.

However, each package will come with a different amount of pre-imported products, that your dedicated manager has selected.

Basic Store: 50 Pre-imported products

Advanced Store: 100 Pre-imported products

Ultimate Store: 200 Pre-imported products

Supreme Store: 500 Pre-imported products


Order Tracking Capability

Each of the packages come with the AliDropship plugin, which includes order tracking capability. This is important to help inspect orders and make sure that the logistics are being handled correctly.

Business Statistic Interface

Each of the packages come with the AliDropship plugin, which includes Business Statistics, relating to the amount of website traffic, browsing behavior, conversions/sales, etc.


Payment Gateways

Each of the packages have payment gateways set up, accepting payment via popular payment processors like PayPal, Debit/Credit Cards, 2Checkout, Stripe, PayU.


Delivery Time

As we talked about above, each of the packages has a slightly different delivery time period, given that the advanced and ultimate custom stores have more features, they take longer to prepare.

Ali Dropship (Basic) Custom Store: 12-15 Business Days

Ali Dropship (Advanced) Custom Package: 15-20 Business Days

Ali Dropship (Ultimate) Custom Store: 20-25 Business Days

Ali Dropship (Supreme) Custom Store: No Specified Timeframe


100% Business Ownership

You can rest assured that each of the packages includes full legal ownership of your AliDropship business.


Integrated Marketing Tools

Each of the packages come with integrated marketing tools that are provided within the AliDropship plugin, these include:

SEO optimization tool

This allows for users to create templated metadata, so that whenever a new product or collection page is added, it’s already optimized to rank in Google.

Email Marketing

The plugin provides editable email templates that can be automatically emailed to your customer at every point during their buying journey, so they’re kept informed about when the item has been shipped and when it will arrive… This will help to alleviate any worries about where their product is and help to build trust, which helps for repeat-purchasing.

Coupon Creation & Management

The plugin also allows you to enable a coupon input box to be displayed upon checkout, and so it’s a fantastic way to incentivize your visitors into purchasing with a few clicks on a button.


Basic On-Site SEO

As we briefly mentioned above, the AliDropship plugin has some basic SEO optimization elements that will allow you to optimize your home page, product pages, and category/collection pages so that they can rank well in the search engine results.

The Ultimate package does come with a homepage SEO optimized article, which in our opinion won’t get you more traffic immediately at least, but it will help solidify your brand more and give Google more of a reason to trust the website… After-all, Google loves brands that keep their website updated and release new content (I.E create a blog/FAQ section)


Social Pages

AliDropship will create social pages for your brand and add design elements, such as your logo and a banner image.

Each of the packages varies in which social pages are setup:

Basic Package: Facebook

Advanced Package: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Ultimate Package: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube

Supreme Package: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube


Promo Video

A promotional video, introducing your store to new visitors on your website, alongside visitors to your YouTube channel is only provided with the Ultimate & Supreme package.


Social Media Promo Tool

The social media promotion tool ‘Social Rabbit Plugin’ is only provided with the Ultimate & Supreme package, although this tool can be purchased separately at the AliDropship Add-On store, which we’ve linked to here.


Supreme Package Add-Ons

Given that the supreme package is substantially more expensive, it comes with the following additional features:


  • Abandoned cart add-on: To remind customers that they added a product to their cart but did not buy it. This is done via email marketing, and requires a mailing service configuration.
  • Urgency add-ons, including:
    • Shopping cart timer: to provide an urgency message on the cart page
    • Trust badges: to add trust and authority to the cart page
    • Social proof: special icons added to each product to let store visitors know how often people are buying at the store
  • Promotion banner add-on: Allows you to create attractive banners on the site, with no coding required
  • Reviews page add-on: Allows you to create an additional store page with real buyer reviews, imported from AliExpress


  • Email subscription form integration: They set up a fully functional email subscription form using MailChimp, within the footer of your site, this allows for the collection of email addresses.
  • Lead generation pop-up setup: They set up a popup subscription form on the site, which will offer a discount coupon in exchange for the visitor’s email address (the % discount will be discussed you).
  • Promotional email setup: They create an automated sequence of 4 promotional emails, featuring products of your choice, which are included in the store. These promotional emails are tried-and-tested, taken from other highly successful dropshipping sites that AliDropship runs.
  • Done-for-you ads for Facebook and Instagram: 8 ad sets, including text, images and targeting
  • Done-for-you social media posts: 30 engaging posts to use on all of your social media accounts, these are scheduled within ‘Social Rabbit’, which is the social scheduling plugin that is included.


🥇How do I get a Custom AliDropship Store?

There are four steps to ordering your own custom store, which includes:

  1. Select a package that is suitable and place an order via the AliDropship website.
  2. Your personal manager will contact you to learn more about your expectations and help with informing you about which niche may be a good fit.
  3. Once everything has been agreed and you are 100% happy to proceed, the AliDropship team will go about creating your store to your preferences.
  4. When the store has been created, you’ll have support and resources available to help make it a success.


AliDropship Custom Store Review Verdict – Is it Worth it?

We hope that you’ve found this alidropship custom store review article very informative so far!

We have a number of opinions about AliDropship, and this is our chance to really explain that in detail.

We use AliDropship for our own dropshipping websites

Yes, that’s right, we always use AliDropship and WordPress, as opposed to Shopify, with its huge monthly fees.

Why do we use AliDropship?

Highly Reputable

When we first discovered AliDropship, it was around 3 years ago, and they were really making waves in the dropshipping industry, being the newcomer that was going to compete with the likes of Shopify… And they sure did it!

They’ve been featured on Forbes, NBC, INC, and many more online publications, with glowing reviews.


Fantastic Overall Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Customer Satisfaction Ratings

Review Rating

customer rating


Lots of Success Stories

store success stories


Plenty of Learning Resources to Help you Succeed

AliDropship has a full section of their site dedicated to helping customers succeed with their dropshipping journeys.

This includes information on getting more out of your store from a CRO perspective, SEO advice, PPC and Organic Traffic tips and guides:

Learning Resources


Lifetime Support

Not only do you have access to the AliDropship team via the general email address, but also, as a customer you’ll get access to their forum, which is full of active members who are dropshipping store owners. This is a great place to ask questions and learn from more experienced drop shippers.

Support Forum


We hope that you’ve found this AliDropship Custom Store Review article useful!

Visit AliDropship to find out more information and order your online dropshipping store


How to manage your dropshipping store

You can read our guide on managing your new dropshipping store, which includes an overview of exactly what you should focus on, alongside the tools that we use within our own business, to manage our portfolio of dropshipping stores.


If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment in the section below.

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