Stan Ventures Review: 3 x DA 40 Guest Posts – Case Study

In this post, we’re going to be reviewing the SEO service provider ‘Stan Ventures’. We’ll be structuring this review with a brief introduction/summary, so that those who know who the brand is, can quickly see our verdict and the pros/cons of their service (based on our personal experience with using the service).

However, for those who aren’t necessarily aware of who Stan Ventures is, we’ll be doing a deep dive into the company, who they are, the services they provide, its pricing structure, and much more.

Therefore, without further ado, let’s jump into our review of stan ventures.


Firstly, as with all our reviews at The Marketing Vibe, we’re unbiased and only feature products/services which we’ve used and believe in.

We ordered 3 x DA 40 Guest Post links from Stan Ventures.

From a service delivery standpoint, Stan Ventures wanted to learn more about my business and even got on a call with me to understand my personal requirements for the links I’d ordered (I mean, that’s excellent customer service right there).

They were very quick in their delivery of the link proposal, where they had identified potential sites to gain links from, and I received an email from my customer account manager to remind me that I needed to approve/decline the proposed link placements.

What we liked:

  • Extremely affordable
  • Money-back guarantee
  • Customer support is always on-hand
  • Website live chat
  • Ability to evaluate (accept/reject) proposed links
  • Clear user interface/reports to see link status

What we didn’t like:

  • They proposed a site that was down-trending in traffic – They happily scrapped this and found a great alternative

Who Are Stan Ventures

Stan Ventures is an Indo-American SEO company that offers a range of affordable SEO services to its clients. They’ve been around for over 13+ years, so it’s safe to say that they have a proven model, which is tried and tested to deliver results… And this is backed up by their great customer reviews on independent review sites like SiteJabber.

Stan Ventures – Offered Services

Stan Ventures offers a whole host of website, digital marketing and SEO link-building services, including:

  • Website design & development
  • Blog writing
  • Guest post (Filtered by DA or by traffic)
  • Blogger outreach
  • Fully managed SEO
  • SEO Reseller Services

Stan Ventures Pricing

Stan Venture’s pricing is very competitive when considering some of their core competitors within the industry are the likes of The Hoth, FATJOE and SEOReseller.

Overall, when comparing them to those main competitors, Stan Ventures offers the best bang for buck.

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Firstly we’ll show all of the costs that Stan Ventures charge, and further below we’ll directly compare them against FatJoe & The Hoth

Stan Ventures

  • Website design & development – Price not stated
  • Blog writing
  • Guest post (Filtered by DA or by traffic)
  • DA10: $44
  • DA20: $62
  • DA30: $89
  • DA40: $120
  • DA50: $150
  • Blogger outreach
  • DA10: $44
  • DA20: $62
  • DA30: $89
  • DA40: $120
  • DA50: $150
  • Fully managed SEO
  • Ignite: Need to apply for a quote
  • Boost: Need to apply for a quote
  • Skyrocket: Need to apply for a quote
  • SEO Reseller Services
  • Need to book a reseller strategy session to get pricing

Stan Ventures Vs The Hoth – Guest Post Cost Comparison

  • DA10: Stan Ventures ($44) // The Hoth (Don’t provide)
  • DA20: Stan Ventures ($62) // The Hoth ($150)
  • DA30: Stan Ventures ($89) // The Hoth ($300)
  • DA40: Stan Ventures ($120) // The Hoth ($400)
  • DA50: Stan Ventures ($150) // The Hoth ($500)

As you can see, Stan Ventures is much, much more affordable. The Hoth’s prices almost feel a little too expensive when seeing this direct comparison.

Stan Ventures Vs FATJOE – Guest Post Cost Comparison

  • DA10: Stan Ventures ($44) // FATJOE ($37)
  • DA20: Stan Ventures ($62) // FATJOE ($53)
  • DA30: Stan Ventures ($89) // FATJOE ($75)
  • DA40: Stan Ventures ($120) // FATJOE ($194)
  • DA50: Stan Ventures ($150) // FATJOE ($388)

We can see that FATJOE provide slightly cheaper DA10, DA20, and DA30 links, but Stan Ventures provides substantially more affordable DA40 & DA50 links, which are the ones that you’ll be wanting to get, due to the difference in their power/effect on your site’s rankings.

For those who may be unaware, DA stands for Domain Authority, and essentially represents the power of a backlink from that particular domain. DA is logarithmic, which means that it’s more difficult for a site to get from DA40->DA50 than it is from DA20->DA30.

Therefore, we want to make sure we’re acquiring high DA links for our site, since 1 x DA50 link is worth substantially more than 10 x DA10/20 links.

Stan Ventures Case Study

Ok, so let’s discuss our experience with ordering links via Stan Ventures. Firstly, we created an account on their site.

We placed our order of 3 x DA50 links with Stan Ventures on the 1st of July 2022, where I quickly received an email from Stan Ventures on the 4th of July confirming the order was being processed and ‘Karthik’ would be my point of contact for the order. The email itself asked for my anchor text and target URLs, so I sent those across on the 6th of July.

Once I did this, I logged into Stan Ventures dashboard (via their website), so I could see the progress. They’ve got a simple dashboard to show if an order is in progress/has been completed, etc. Very useful!

stan ventures dashboard

Not just that, just I left a few messages within the dashboard, which my account manager Karthik answered upon a call that we arranged together for the 8th of July

Apparently, Stan Ventures like to get their customers on a call, to learn more about their specific SEO requirements, and so Karthik just wanted to learn more about the site I was creating links for, alongside my expectations. Given my experience in the field this wasn’t really necessary, but I can imagine it’s exceptionally useful for those who aren’t as well versed in SEO, such as your everyday business/website/agency owner.

Stan Ventures Communication

The order itself was started on the 8th of July, right after I had the call with Karthik.

By the 12th of July I was provided with a shortlist of 3 sites that met the DA requirements (having a DA of 50+). And I was given the opportunity to either accept or decline each of these sites, alongside the reasoning behind my decision.

This is particularly useful, because it means you can decline particular links which you find either isn’t suitable or you may have already gotten a link from.

In our case 2/3 of the links were fine, however, one of the backlinks needed replacing because I had noticed that the site had declining traffic numbers when inspecting via 3rd party tools like Ubersuggest and Ahrefs… Yes, these tools are 100% accurate, but give a 80%+ accurate indication of overall site traffic and keyword rankings over time.

Let’s look specifically at these three sites which Stan Ventures originally supplied:

Website 1

A good DA and positive trending traffic.

StanVentures Guest Post 1

Website 2

Although this particular site has a good DA, it has shown a downtrend in organic search traffic. Therefore, we’d prefer to get a link from another site.

StanVentures Guest Post 2

Website 3

Great DA of 50, with a positive trending traffic level.

StanVentures Guest Post 3

Stan Ventures were happy to accept my reasoning and found another site within 1 week. That site met my personal requirements in terms of traffic and was growing in keyword rankings (a good sign for SEO).

Once I inspected the content all links were put live by the 29th July, which is a fantastic turnaround time… Not to mention any delays were due to me not having the time to immediately confirm/inspect links & content, so I’m confident that Stan Ventures could have completed the order by the 22nd if I had responded quick enough.

Would We Recommend Stan Ventures?

The answer is a resounding yes, and the reasons for this are simple.

  • They provided the most affordable DA40/DA50+ links (which are the most cost-effective when trying to rank your site).
  • Their customer support was always on hand, and they have live chat on their site to answer any questions/concerns.
  • They took the time to call and learn more about my website, and provide anchor text recommendations, which was particularly good.
  • They provide the ability to accept/decline links, and won’t rest until you’re happy
  • They’re super friendly and knowledgeable, which makes a big difference.

With that being said, go ahead and visit Stan Ventures today and check out their range of services. As we’ve talked about, we particularly like their high DA backlinks.

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