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Last Updated: June 15, 2024

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing SocialBee, which is a cloud-based social media tool.

Social Bee does it all, from account managing, post scheduling through to tracking. It really is an all-in-one tool for digital marketers and managers.

However, let’s talk further about the brand, and then dive deep into the functionality, as well as what our verdict is.

Who is SocialBee?

SocialBee Management Tool

SocialBee is a company founded in June 2016, who created a social marketing & management tool.

Today, the company has expanded operations, and its cloud-based social media marketing software is now being used by thousands of users on a daily basis.

Their software is used by a variety of end-users, from authors, coaches and entrepreneurs, through to large business’ and digital marketing agencies around the world.

SocialBee Pricing

The company has very competitive pricing plans available, starting at $19/month for its Boostrap package, 39/month for the Accelerate plan, and $79/month for their Pro package.

SocialBee Pricing Plans

SocialBee Features & Functionality

SocialBee has a range of features available to users, and the sheer amount of functionality that you get for the cost, really highlights the value for money provided.

Let’s dive into the specifics!

Supported Social Media Platforms

SocialBee supports 5 of the major social platforms, which include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Pinterest
  • Google My Business (For local business’)

You can control 5 social platforms for each workspace (project).


Socialbee allows users to post directly to Twitter (profile), Facebook (profile, page and group), Linkedin (profiles and company pages) and Google My Business (locations).

However, due to stricter usage regulations, posting on Instagram must be done through SocialBee’s mobile app, or through Buffer/Hootsuite integrations.

The same is true for Pinterest, and a Hootsuite integration must be used (for now), although the company is developing the functionality to post independently without Hootsuite.

A great feature of SocialBee is that you can post the same content to each platform, whilst customizing it to suit each specific platform.

Additionally, one small feature, which makes all the difference is that SocialBee shows a preview of how the post looks on each social media platform, so you can see what your audience will see when it’s live.

SocialBee Preview

SocialBee has a great ‘Schedule Overview’ section, where users can either create a content schedule from scratch, or use SocialBee’s ‘automatic scheduler’ function, which can be fully customized to suit your scheduling needs.

Not only this, but through using Categories (which we’ll discuss further in the ‘Set and Forget Automation’ section) you can automate the flow of setting up the posts that you want to be shared via your social media profiles, creating rules for new and existing posts as to when, where and how many times they should be shared for… Extremely useful when taking into account that you’ll have both evergreen and promotional content to organize.

Importing & Editing

SocialBee allows users to import new articles and blog posts via any website’s RSS feed, meaning that whenever a new article is posted on the website, a new social post is created.

Therefore, we suggest finding other rss feeds for authority websites within your industry (not competitors), and using these.

Additionally, the software can import articles through the app pocket, which is great because it means that if you come across an article whilst browsing on the internet, you can instantly save it to pocket.

You can also import content via CSV and via an input box, where you can place a list of links to share.

As far as editing goes, SocialBee has a bulk editor, which allows you to make changes to multiple posts at once, so for example, you can assign posts to other profiles, approve/un-approve, delete and more.

Set and Forget Automation

Automation is the aim of the game… Why? Well, we all want to have more time, and if we can set rules in place, and have the ability to intervene, automation should be seen as the end-goal.

How does SocialBee enable users to automate their workflow? Simply put, Socialbee allows users to segment their posts based on ‘categories’. These categories could, for example, be organized as the following:

  • Evergreen content
  • Promotional content
  • Other industry-leading content
  • Latest news & developments
  • Interesting studies
  • Quotes

SocialBee Categories

Based on the plan you choose, you can have anywhere from 10 categories through to unlimited for each workspace (project).

Each category will house content, and the category itself can be assigned certain rules, like for example, the ability to expire an evergreen post after sharing it 5 times.

Categories are at the heart of SocialBee’s scheduling functionality, and so making use of this will help transform your business.

Tracking & Custom URLs

SocialBee allows users to create shortlinks by directly using link shorteners such as Bitly and Rebrandly.

You can also set custom UTM and Ref parameters to allow for content tracking.

SocialBee Alternatives

The main alternatives to SocialBee are Buffer and Hootsuite. However, both of these do not allow the same level of social management and account automation as SocialBee.

With that being said, if you want to have the ability to automate your posting, SocialBee is the only tool that will allow for you to do so, with full confidence that your (and your clients) social accounts are maintained properly

Our verdict of SocialBee

In our opinion, SocialBee is a fantastic social media management tool, and hence why we have 3 different packages, to help manage our social media clients.

It’s really helped us automate our workflow, especially with the RSS feeds functionality. This has allowed us to free up time to concentrate on other areas of our business, without letting the ball drop, so to speak.

Therefore, if you’re a business or an agency, looking to scale up your social-media marketing efforts, then we highly recommend taking a look at SocialBee. They even have a 14-day free trial, where you can use the software and see for yourself, how it will help your business.

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