The Hoth Review | Do their SEObacklinking packages really work in 2018?

A comprehensive review of The Hoth’s SEO packages and their effectiveness in 2018

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The Hoth Mini, The Hoth Blogger, The Hoth Special Offer (EDU/.GOV Links)

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The Hoth Platinum Package

What’s the deal with SEO

There’s no denying that there is a growing number of high-level SEO service providers scattered all over the internet, thanks to the increasing number of people who run business’ and companies that subsequently want to increase their organic search visibility.

Whether or not these companies or individuals are looking to directly promote their products/services or just a top-level marketing funnel asset, digital marketing (in particular SEO) is the most attractive and beneficial ways to help with this.

One of the major players in this SEO service league is The Hoth… but who exactly are they?

The Hoth Review : Who are The Hoth?

The Hoth are a whitelabel SEO solutions provider that specialize in selling their packages to individual consultants and other agencies who then resell these services to their clients. It’s also used by businesses and organisations looking to get experienced SEO services, for discounted prices.

Their delivery portfolio includes crafting press releases, on-page SEO optimization, coming up with guest posts, Local SEO optimization/citation work, quality link building and blog posting. All of their SEO services are listed further down this page, with links to the particular service page.

However, lets discuss the company a little more…

The Hoth market themselves as a one-stop-shop for anyone looking to turn around their online profits through SEO optimizations. But are they worth that extra dime that they charge for their work? In other words, are they any better than the next hyped ‘SEO service expert’? Well, let’s have a peek.

First of all, we’ve used some of The Hoth’s SEO packages to rank other affiliate websites, just take a look at the screenshot below… I was lucky enough to sing up to their Hoth X 500 package, and get a free Hoth Private Vault backlink from an extremely reputable website… which transformed my rankings within around 4 months. And whilst I use them less nowadays, as I’m an experienced SEO myself, I have taken influence from The Hoth’s service techniques and methodology.  So it definitely works, but then, I could have just been lucky, right?

The Hoth SEO Order

The Hoth SEO Review Case Study

The website above is now (as of August 2018) bringing in around 6000 monthly visitors.

Well, from taking a look at the reviews (featured below) that The Hoth get on a regular basis, it’s clear to see that they get results for the majority of their clients. I mean, getting 5* reviews all the time emphasises the professionalism of the company.

Look at their most recent reviews on their review page: Latest Customer Opinions

The Hoth Reviews - Sample

The Hoth SEO – A Broad Range of Services

Looking at it from a general perspective, The Hoth has a broad range of SEO-related and SEO-focused services that any online entrepreneur can benefit from. And if you’re looking to get your SEO campaign off the ground ( for instance when venturing in a very competitive keyword niche ), you will need such SEO gurus to help you break the ground.

Unlike other service providers who prefer communicating via email and text messages, you can schedule a live consultation appointment with The Hoth via a voice call if need be. This way, it is easier ( and even feels more personalized ) to discuss your target keywords with them. What’s more, they are also likely to assign you a dedicated account manager who is going act as your go-to company rep whenever you need to order a new service or if you require any help with your keyword’s visibility.

The Hoth also have a special Live Chat Function on their website [As seen below], where you can speak to a SEO specialist instantly, where you can discuss your business’ requirements and the most suitable SEO package for your needs can be discussed and prescribed.

The Hoth Reviews - Live Chat Function

As for the breadth and scope of their services, The Hoth have sub-divided their service delivery into 12 different substructures (as shown below). This puts them in a better position to narrow down on the exact type of service, module, or help that a prospective client needs.

The Hoth’s SEO specialists will match the service required to your needs, so that you achieve the results that you want.

The Hoth SEO Review - Image of all SEO services

The Hoth’s variety of SEO services:

For instance – just to give you an idea of what this entails – the Hoth’s primary service circumscribes the essentials of link building and keyword visibility in leading search engines. All you need to do here is give them your keywords, the accompanying anchor texts, and tell them the number of links ( and the desired quality ) that you want to be redirected back to your blog or website.

The Hoth Review of their Web 2.0 SEO Strategy Diagram

Also, just like any SEO service provider worth mentioning, The Hoth also specializes in Web 2.0 set ups on behalf of their clientele.

In simpler language, they will build up a series of Web 2.0 sites solely for your site and later link the juice from their high-quality 2nd tier links, e.g., social bookmarks to boost these keywords.

The link juice is then channelled back to your money site hence promoting your target keywords’ visibility. Although you’re not likely to witness a major improvement immediately while relying on such a strategy, the ranking of your site ( as far search engine algorithms are concerned ) is likely to shoot up in time, these links provide a long-term investment.

Besides, these links from The Hoth are additional supports to another high-quality backlink that you already have on your site, say from a guest post or product promotion launch. All said and done; it does not hurt to have a blend of links on your main money site especially if you’re looking at things from the long term perspective.

Having said that, a close assessment of some of their previous customer’s reviews suggests that the local citation clean up service that the company offers is well-above average. Now, considering that most SEO experts struggle with this dicey aspect of search-engine visibility, it is safe to say that The Hoth have a lot going on here. Their clean up does not rely on a relationship with a single data aggregator, but rather, multiple citation sources and an array of aggregators in an effort to boost a client’s rankings.

This is arguably your best bet if you’re looking for an almost immediate boost in your keywords’ ranking in your immediate locale. And the fact that they utilize tracking lines instead of the traditional linking of data aggregator implies better consistency within the listing, and as expected, high rankings in the local map pack.

Pros of The Hoth SEO Services

The Hoth excels exceptionally in the following

1. The Variety of Services on Offer – Like an established SEO firm, they have a broad range of specialized SEO services – from Local SEO visibility to guest posting.

2. They employ a relatively easy-to-use dashboard. Tracking previous orders and downloading reports is next to seamless. They also have a fantastic Live Chat function, where you can discuss all of your business’ SEO needs, and an SEO will prescribe the most suitable Hoth package to match your requirements.

3. They are a 100% whitelabeled SEO service provider. Therefore, no illegal black hat underhand antics ( a few SEO firms are notorious for this ) and you don’t have to fret over branding issues when ordering their services.

4. They offer an attractive 12.5% discount to buyers of all bulk orders.

5. The Hoth is among one of the few SEO companies that offer free consultation sessions to serious prospective clients. And this has gone a long way in helping them secure long-term contracts.


The Downsides of The Hoth SEO Services

Now, although there are not many downsides to The Hoth’s SEO services, we want to give an accurate representation of the services within our ‘The Hoth Review’ article… So here it goes!

The company prides itself in offering a broad range of premium SEO-related services. They might give you a free consultation session, but to expect shell out that extra dollar when ordering any of their services. Just to give you an idea; they charge approximately $70 for a single blog article with relevant on-page SEO. Now, in comparison to what ( any of the thousands of ) freelance writers charge for the same kind of service, you may want to look elsewhere. That being said, the quality of the services here is undoubtedly exceptional particularly when it touches on Local SEO visibility and link building.


In Closing – The Verdict

The Hoth represent a new breed of SEO service experts that specialize in offering almost all services under one roof. For this, there are highly recommended to novice internet marketers, bloggers, and start-up e-commerce webpreneurs that are looking to take their online enterprises to the next level.

We hope that you’ve found this article, The Hoth Review, very informative, and that you’re able to go about finding more about the particular SEO solutions that will help your business/website succeed.

Find out more information on their website, featured here:

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