DropshipMe Review | Plugin & Custom Store Case Study (May 2024)

Last Updated: May 29, 2024

In this article, we’re going to be discussing and reviewing Dropship.me. This includes providing all of the unique features, benefits, potential drawbacks, tutorials and much more!

With that being said, we’ve also been using the tool on a selection of our own AliExpress dropshipping websites… So we’ll not only be providing our verdict of the tool, but also a demonstration and tutorial of how to use it effectively.

Now before we dive into the review, we want to make sure that all of our readers are on the same page (so to speak), and realise what exactly dropshipping is – For those that know, feel free to skip this part.

Dropshipping is simply where a business acts as the middle-man between the supplier and the customer. When a customer buys a product from your store, you simply place the order with the supplier for that particular AliExpress product and they ship it directly to your customer. No issue, no fuss!

The major benefit here is that you don’t have to handle inventory management/storage and there are no up-front costs once you’ve got an online store up and running. You only pay your supplier when your customer has paid you. And when you dropship products to your customers, via AliExpress, they provide buyers protection, so you’ll never have to worry about losing your money or being treated unfairly.


Dropship.me Review

We’ve stuctured this Dropship.Me review into different sections, firstly we’re discussing exactly what it is alongside it’s cost. We then go into depth about how to set it up and begin using it, to make your aliexpress dropshipping ecommerce store look and feel professional, and convert visitors into customers.

What is Dropship.me?

Dropship.me is a WordPress plugin that is focused on providing dropshipping store owners with access to a database which consists of 50,000+ of the best AliExpress products, which have been carefully chosen by the team at DropshipMe.

These have been selected based on numerous factors, including the following:

  • Number of current and previous orders
  • Customer reviews and testimonials
  • Product’s overall review rating
  • Supplier’s overall review rating
  • Product’s shipping options – EMS or free shipping only

The wordpress plugin not only allows for 1-click importing of these products, but it provides fully optimised Titles, Product Descriptions and Product Image Gallery which have been manually optimised by the team at DropshipMe.

Therefore each available product is pre-optimised (by DropshipMe) in terms of SEO and CRO, so you don’t have to do this task.

This is a huge selling point of this tool, as manually doing this task can take hundreds of hours, believe us, we’ve done it for multiple of our own stores.

The main advantage of this is, you can quickly locate and import high-quality products, from reputable sellers, which in-turn will mean that you can focus on marketing activies. Not to mention you’ll have less customers requesting refunds and messaging asking where their product is.


Dropship.me Features

  • Easy to install WordPress plugin
  • Import the best products from reputable sellers
  • Pre-optimised in terms of CRO and SEO
  • Each product comes with optimised Title, Description and Product Image Gallery
  • Import positive customer reviews directly from AliExpress
  • One-time cost in comparison to other tools
  • Lifetime customer support
  • Dropship.me also provide Done-For-You Dropshipping Stores


Dropship.me Pricing

DropshipMe have two main products/services which they sell:

  1. The WordPress plugin that allows for store owners to import new product
  2. Custom-made ecommerce business which DropshipMe sets up for those who don’t want to spend hours manually create them – this includes the WordPress plugin.

Therefore, we’ll be providing the pricing for both of these products.

Dropship.me WordPress Plugin Pricing

DropshipMe package pricing & costs

DropshipMe have 4 packages that they provide based on the amount of products that you’re looking to import.

  • $0 (Free) – 50 Products
  • $29 (One-time payment) – 100 Products (+10 additional products – Limited time offer)
  • $119 (One-time payment) – 500 Products (+200 additional products – Limited time offer)
  • $199 (One-time payment) – 1000 Products (+500 additional products – Limited time offer)

Learn more about their pricing packages

*Use the coupon code DROPSHIPME15 to get 15% OFF

The company are also offering additional products as part of a current promotion, which essentially means that you’re able to purchase the smaller package (such as the $119 package) and get access to import 700 products.

Based on our experience with running dropshipping stores at The MarketingVibe, we generally import anywhere from 200 —> 800 products, so we think that the $119 package is ideal for most dropshippers.


Dropship.me Done-For-You Dropshipping Store Pricing

Dropship Me Custom Store Pricing Plan

Dropshipme provides 3 different custom dropshipping store packages:

  • Basic – $299 – 50 Imported Products
  • Advanced – $499 – 100 Imported Products
  • Ultimate – $899 – 200 Imported Products

Learn more about their pricing packages

*Use the coupon code MYNEWSTORE10 to get 10% OFF

Each of the packages comes with different features, as shown in the image below:

All of the done-for-you aliexpress dropshipping stores come with the same core functionality, and have the DropShip.Me plugin.

However, the key difference is in the amount of imported products that are provided, alongside the addition of fully setup social media profiles (FB, Twitter, Instagram and Youtue), a social media automation tool (Social Rabbit) and a promotional video.

It should also be noted that all of the dropship.me custom stores come with the AliDropship WordPress plugin, which can be used in conjunction to the dropship.me plugin. However, we’ve explained more about how they can be used together in the Dropship.Me vs AliDropship section below.

Done for you dropshipping store service features


How to use DropshipMe?

The first step to using DropshipMe is to install the WordPress plugin on your website.

To do this you can simply hover over the ‘Plugins’ option in your website’s WordPress dashboard and you’ll then see the option to ‘Add New’.

Install plugin

Once the plugin has been installed you can hover over the Dropship Me button in the WordPress Menu and then click on ‘Activation’. You can then enter your API key. To find this API key, just check in the purchase confimation email that has been sent to you.

API Key Activation

After the plugin has been activated, it’s now ready to be used for importing products.

Woocommerce Dropshipping

The DropshipMe plugin is compatible with sites that are using WooCommerce (without using AliDropship) or with sites that have the AliDropship plugin (AliDropship Original or AliDropship Woo Plugin version) installed.

Woocommerce is an free, open-source plugin which is fully cutomizable for those wanting to create an online ecom woocommerce store.

With that being said, if you want to also use AliDropship in conjunction with DropshipMe (which we talk about in this section here) then you simply cannot go wrong with starting your dropshipping business with or without woocommerce.

Dropship Me – Importing Products

To import products you simply need to click on the ‘Import Products’ button in WordPress. You’ll then be taken to a screen that looks similar to the one you can see directly below:

Import products via dropship.me

This screen shows you how many product imports you can make (based on your package), and shows you all of the different product categories that you can browse in. This is great if you have a general store, but the next feature is our favourite!

There is also a keyword search bar located at the top, which allows for you to input a keyword and get more specific products relating to your needs.

Once you have entered your keyword and dropship.me has presented you with all of the relevant products, you’ll immediately see a range of information including:

  • Product review rating
  • Number of orders
  • Available shipping methods
  • Supplier price

When you then choose the products that you want to import into your store, and the category you’ll import these products to, you’ll then get the ability to access and import the following information:

  • Product Title
  • Number of Orders (Placed on AliExpress over last 30 days)
  • Product Images
  • Product Description & Details
  • Product Rating & Reviews
  • Product Analysis
  • Shipping Options provided by AliExpress supplier
  • Packaging details
  • Available Stock Numbers
  • Supplier Price
  • Recommended Pricing Markup
  • Expected Profit Margins

Import Products with Dropshipme

Bulk Import Products

Dropshipme gives users the ability to bulk import products by adding them to an import list. This is especially useful if you’ve spotted a large selection of products that you’re looking to import into the same product category on your store.

Therefore, you simply select each of the products via their checkbox, and once you’ve finished picking, simply press the ‘Import Selected’ button.

Bulk import function


Import Reviews

Not only can you go about importing reputable products, but you can also import reviews to your store, making your dropshipping business look trustworthy and reputable. Afterall, you’re getting the products from those suppliers, so as a dropshipper, you’re able to ethically use their reviews for your own dropshipping company.

This will in turn help to increase visitor to customer conversion rates, and boost overall sales.


Dropship.me vs AliDropship

It must be noted that the title of this section is somewhat misleading, as both DropshipMe and AliDropship plugin should really be used in conjunction with each other. Let us explain further!

Both the AliDropship and DropshipMe plugins are used to automate and manage your aliexpress dropshipping store. However, they have slightly different functions.

DropshipMe: Better product sourcing & less time editing

Since DropshipMe gives you access to 50,000+ high quality products that their team have not only approved, but have gone about editing in terms of optimising the product’s existing Title, Product Description and Images.

Additionally, the plugin also helps to communicate trust to your visitors, providing the ability to automatically import customer reviews for each of the imported products.

Ultimately this means that the tool is fantastic for the purpose of product research and winning product sourcing!

AliDropship: Automate Inventory Management

Although AliDropship also provides the ability to import products, these have not been assessed based on the reputation of the dropshipping supplier or quality of the product, hence it requires more knowledge and experience on the store creators behalf… Not great for newbies!

However, AliDropship really shines in it’s ability to automate inventory management and process orders (semi-automatically). For example, if there are 50 orders which are waiting to be processed, all it takes is 1-click to process those orders, and the plugin does all of the heavy-lifting, copying customer data to AliExpress so that your suppliers can send products directly to your customers.

We use both DropshipMe and AliDropship on our dropshipping ecom stores, as it streamlines our processes, making it easier to import high quality products and then automate the management of sales.


DropshipMe Discount

We get it, everyone likes discounts!

And so with that being said we’ve provided discounts for both the plugin and the custom store packages, so enjoy!


DropshipMe Plugin Discount

To get 15% OFF, simply visit the following URL: https://dropship.me/

Enter the discount coupon: DROPSHIPME15


DropshipMe Custom Store (Done-For-You) Discount

To get 10% OFF, simply visit the following URL: https://dropship.me/dropshipping-store/

Enter the discount coupon: MYNEWSTORE10


Dropship.me Alternatives

As we mentioned before, although AliDropship has a slightly different core function, the features between Dropship.me and AliDropship do overlap.

For example you can import products and customer reviews with AliDropship, but they’ve not been analysed or editted by a team of specialists, like the products that Dropship.me provides.

However, even though both tools are meant to be used together (as we use them), AliDropship could technically be classed as an alternative.

Additionally, there’s another tool which is an aliexpress dropshipping plugin called AliPlugin, which is similar to AliDropship, but isn’t nearly as advanced or useful, and costs the same price.

Therefore, we would personally suggest sticking with Dropship.me and AliDropship.


Dropship.me Case Study

This section of our review will be updated soon after we’ve used the tool more on different sites, across a range of niches.

We’re currently adding products through Dropship.Me and have found that it’s made the process of importing products extremely easy.

Before Dropship.Me we were training our small team on how to choose the best products, what metrics and information to assess, etc. And then once this had been done, we had to then go about editing those imported products, changing titles, product descriptions, cropping images, etc.

Now this task has all been done by the tool itself, making it an invaluable ecommerce platform in our business.


Our Verdict

As an agency we’re always building new affiliate and drop shipping websites to our portfolio, and the key to doing this efficiently is to formulate processes and standards. Importing and editing products was one of the tasks which took the longest time, and really has the most impact on the success of the dropshipping business.

Therefore, Dropship.me has been like a diamond in the rough for us, and in-turn means that we can focus on other areas of the business.

Would we recommend the plugin, or their custom-store service to anyone? Absolutely, because we’ve had dealings with the parent company behind Dropship.Me and they’re incredibly reputable and their customer support is fantastic.

Additionally, we highly recommend using the AliDropship plugin for order fulfillment purposes, as it works in synergy with dropshipme.

We hope that you’ve found this dropshipme review to be informative and helpful. If you have any questions then please leave them in the comments section below.

With that being said, if you do decide to purchase the Dropshipme plugin or their done-for-you store, don’t forget to use the discount codes (we’ve included them below)

DropshipMe Plugin Discount (15% OFF): Simply visit the following URL: https://dropship.me/ – Enter the discount coupon: DROPSHIPME15

DropshipMe Custom Store (Done-For-You) Discount (10% OFF): Simply visit the following URL: https://dropship.me/dropshipping-store/ – Enter the discount coupon: MYNEWSTORE10

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