Long Tail Pro Review – Features & 30% OFF LIFETIME Discount – Jun 2024

Last Updated: June 15, 2024

In this article, we’re going to be reviewing Long Tail Pro and discussing its unique features and why you’d want to use this cloud-based keyword research tool in 2024.


Long Tail Pro Review – An Overview

  • Creator: Spencer Haws
  • Use: Keyword research tool
  • Cost: $25.90 – $102.90 (after our 30% exclusive discount)
  • Free Trial: Yes (7-Days)
  • Website: https://longtailpro.com/


What is LongTailPro?

Long tail pro is a cloud-based keyword research software tool, used to help users identify low competition keywords surrounding a particular topic or niche.

These low competition keywords are identified as the tool does keyword analysis when a ‘seed keyword’ is entered by the user. During this process, related keywords will be suggested to the user, with keyword difficulty scores to let the user know how easy or hard the keyword will be to rank for in Google’s organic search results.


Who is Long Tail Pro Ideal for?

Long Tail Pro is a fantastic keyword research tool for anyone looking to focus on improving their organic SEO rankings, whether it’s a freelancer, business, enterprise, or agency.

LongTail Pro provides multiple types of packages, all of which come with different capabilities, with their starter plan being best suited for freelancers, and their agency plan is more suited for large enterprises and Content/SEO agencies

With that being said, it’s clear that anyone looking to do in-depth keyword research will benefit from using long tail pro.


Why Focus on Long Tail Keywords?

Did you know that…

about 70% of organic traffic goes to long tail keywords

Long Tail Keywords

What does this mean exactly? Well, simply put, if you aren’t optimizing your content for longer tail keywords, you’re not only leaving easily achievable keywords on the table, but you’re missing out on 70% of the keywords that users are searching for, in any given industry.

70% is an average across all industries, it may be higher or lower for your particular industry.

None-the-less, why focus on competing for hard-to-rank for keywords, instead of east to rank for keywords that will bring in traffic, almost immediately.

Let’s provide an example of this:

Let’s say you want to rank for the keyword:

  • keyword research tool

However, there are other long tail keywords that have similar search intent, like the following:

  • automate long tail keyword research
  • what long tail keywords are my competitors ranking for
  • best long tail keyword research tool

Now you may be saying, some of those longer tail keywords have tiny amounts of monthly searches, but realistically speaking, none of the tools (even long tail pro) actually know the exactly monthly search amounts for each keyword.

There are several times that I’ll rank for a keyword that should provide 260 monthly searches, and it provides thousands of impressions (views) per month.


How to Use Long Tail Pro for my Business?

There are 5 key stages to using long tail pro in order to evaluate a niche and find the best possible long-tail keywords that exist, all you need to do is sign up for the tool and following the process outlined below:


Enter seed keywords

Within the related keywords tab, you can enter multiple seed keywords, simultaneously within the longtail pro interface, controlling the number of suggestions per keyword that appear (related keywords), alongside the monthly searches and suggested PPC bid of these suggested keywords.

You can get up to 400 long-tail keywords within seconds of pressing the ‘retrieve’ button.

Additionally, in the competitor keyword tab, you can enter a competitor’s URL and reverse engineer your competitor’s content to figure out their exact keyword strategy.


Run keyword & competitor analysis

Once the seed keywords have been processed, you can begin analyzing the report, which contains a plethora of useful information, including the average keyword competitiveness, monthly search volume, competitor, rank value.

Not only this, but longtail pro also analyzes the page/domain that you’re looking to rank, and provides a target keyword competitiveness score that your website can achieve.

The tool color-codes keywords according to their difficulty, with green being regarded as easy to rank for, yellow being moderately difficult, and unshaded being out of your website’s reach.

Although this isn’t 100% accurate, it’s extremely useful and gives a great indication as to which keywords you should consider, and which you shouldn’t.

Long tail pro keyword competitiveness


Additionally, after generating a keyword ideas report, you can conduct a competitor analysis of the top ranking websites that appear within the SERP results.

This helps to uncover useful information about the top performers, including metrics such as trust flow, citation flow, external backlinks, referring domains, etc… Both on a domain-level and a page-level.

Long tail pro keyword difficulty tool


Determine keyword profitability

You can use long tail pro to determine the potential profitability of ranking in position 1, on page 1 of Google for a specific keyword term.

This is represented in Long Tail Pro’s ‘Rank Value’ metric.


Create content & optimize for keyword

Now that you’ve been able to locate a long list of relevant long-tail keywords that you can begin targeting, the next stage is to begin creating content.

A useful method of doing this is to group related keywords together in Microsoft Excel, so that you know, that’s the subject of my next article, this is my main keyword, and these are the supporting keywords that I should include.

We personally use SurferSEO and KeySearch to do on-page SEO.

On a side note, KeySearch is also a great Keyword Research tool, and you can read our review of KeySearch here.

SEO Keyword Optimizer Tool


Track keyword rankings & build backlinks

All of long tail pro’s packages come with rank tracking functionality, however, the starter account is more limited than the pro and agency account, being able to track less keywords.

Starter: 30 keywords

Pro: 200 keywords

Agency: 1000 keywords

With that being said, if you’re looking to track more keywords, we highly recommend AWR Cloud, which offers the best value for money from any agency rank tracker that we’ve reviewed… We’ve written a review of AWR Cloud here too.


Long Tail Pro Pricing

Regarding Long Tail Pro Pricing, has three main monthly pricing plans, and as we’re a partner with LongTailPro, we’ve been able to provide our readers with an exclusive Long Tail Pro Discount of 30% OFF for both monthly and annual pricing plans:


  • Monthly Starter: $25.90 per month (instead of $37 per month)
  • Monthly Pro: $46.90 per month (instead of $67 per month)
  • Monthly Agency: $102.90 per month (instead of $147 per month)

>>>Get your 30% LongTailPro Discount on Monthly Plans<<<

Longtailpro monthly pricing plans with 30% discount



  • Annual Starter: $207.90 per year (instead of $297 per year)
  • Annual Pro: $375.90 per month (instead of $537 per year)
  • Annual Agency: $823.90 per month (instead of $1177 per year)

>>>Get your 30% LongTailPro Discount on Annual Plans<<<

Long tail pro annual plan prices and 30% off

These prices are incredibly good, and by using our Longtailpro coupon, you’ll be able to get this 30% discount for the lifetime of your membership.

We’re not exactly sure how long Longtail pro will provide this level of discount, so we’d highly recommend checking it out whilst it’s still available.

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Long Tail Pro Free Trial

Longtailpro free trial

As we talk about specifically in this article, Long Tail Pro provides a 7-Day Free Trial to all new customers.

So you can use the platform for 7-days without spending a dime. Instead, use the keyword tool for 7-days to get a feel of it, and test out all of its unique features. We’re sure that you’ll be impressed!

>>>You can get access to their 7-day free trial here<<<


If you have any questions about our long tail pro review guide, please feel free to leave them below in the comments section.


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