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Last Updated: July 22, 2024

In this article we’re going to be talking about FatJoe, which is a SEO, Link-Building and Content Marketing agency that provide affordable, easy-to-order services for both business’ and agencies.

What is FATJOE?

FATJOE is an SEO and Content Marketing agency, developed primarily to help other agencies, but also business’ and specialists with their content and link building needs.

The company has been around since 2012, and has since helped over 5000 agencies worldwide.

Their services come fully white-labeled, and therefore they’re instantly suitable for SEO agencies looking to put their own logo on and resell.

The company provides all of its clients with an online dashboard, to place, manage and track their orders.

Additionally, they have live chat, phone and email contacts ready to answer and resolve any issues, and pride themselves on:

‘A consistent record of answering more than 90% of customer emails within a few hours’



FATJOE has a 96% customer satisfaction rating, which means that 96% of their customers (who have decided to review the service) have awarded them a 4* rating or above.

This has been verified through an independent customer review verification service called ‘Shopper Approved’

Read more reviews of FATJOE on their website.

FATJOE SEO Review Testimonials


Shopper Approved FATJOE.COM Reviews


FATJOE Link Building Services

The agency provides a number of specific link building services, including the following:

  • Blogger Outreach
  • Niche Edits
  • Local Business Citations
  • Press Release
  • Infographic Outreach
  • Outreach Boost
  • Media Placements


Blogger Outreach

Blogger outreach is the process of emailing relevant site owners, to gain in-content links from their site, leading to your own site.

Sites are generally rated based on their DA (Domain Authority), which is a metric created by Moz, an SEO Research company, to indicate how powerful a domain is, and subsequently, how powerful a link from that domain would be.

The metric DA is a score /100.

Generally, a site owner will choose to gain links from websites with a higher DA, as this means that ‘power’, also known as link equity, is obtained and taken from the more powerful site to help increase the DA of the smaller site.

What’s included

FATJOE provide a range of blogger outreach services, starting from DA10 through to DA50+

Blogger Outreach Pricing

As you can see, FATJOE provides bulk discounts for those who are making multiple orders, which is especially useful for SEO agencies.

How it works

Once you decide what DA link(s) that you’re looking to obtain, the following information will be needed:

  • Target URL
  • Anchor Text
  • Content length (for link placement)

Fatjoe will then go about the outreach process, which includes finding suitable, relevant blogs to contact, and negotiate a placement on.


Blogger outreach examples



Niche Edits

Niche Edits are links placed on pre-existing blog posts. The benefit of gaining a niche edit link is that these posts are aged and have often gained backlinks from other websites, linking to them.

These are rated using the metric Domain Authority (DA).

What’s included

FatJoe provides a range of niche edit placements, starting from DA10 to DA50+

Niche Edits Pricing

How it works

Similarly to blogger outreach, once you’ve decided what DA link(s) that you’re looking to obtain, the following information will be needed:

  • Target URL
  • Anchor Text
  • Content length (for link placement)

Fatjoe will then go about the outreach process, which includes finding suitable, relevant blogs to contact, and negotiate a placement on.


Niche Edits Service Example



Local Business Citations

Local business citations are websites that provide NAP link placements, which are link placements alongside your company’s Name, Address, and Postcode information.

This helps solidify your business as an entity in Google’s search engine, helping with both your organic and local SEO rankings.

What’s included

Fatjoe provide a range of NAP citation services, starting from 25 citations through to 100 citations

Local Business NAP Citation Pricing

How it works

NAP information will need to be supplied, and FATJOE will check what existing NAP citations exist, so they won’t create duplicates.

Once this has been done, FATJOE will go about creating NAP backlinks on trusted directories.


Local NAP Citation Service Example



Press Release

Press Releases are used to help spread the message about a particular activity, service or promotion that a company is offering. This comes in the form of a blog post on news outlet websites, which includes a backlink to the source.

What’s included

FatJoe’s Press Release distribution service includes providing 350+ live link placements.

Press Release Service

How it works

Once you provide FATJOE with your business’ information, they will go ahead and craft a press release. Upon completion of this, you’ll have the ability to have unlimited revisions, to make sure that it’s 100% right before it’s distributed.

FATJOE will then go about distributing the press release to over 350 sites.


Press Release Service Examples



Infographic Outreach

Infographics can be used to help acquire links for a site. Infographic outreach is the process of locating other relevant blogs/websites that have a suitable DA, which will agree to share and promote your infographic, whilst providing a backlink.

What’s included

FATJOE has a range of infographic outreach services available, providing links on DA10+ to DA30+ sites

Infographic Outreach Service Pricing


How it works

Similarly to FatJoe’s other outreach services, based on your DA link requirements, sites will be located and placements will be acquired on those sites.

100-300 words of supporting content will be written by FATJOE to go alongside the infographic.


Infographic Outreach Service Example


Outreach Boost

‘Outreach Boost’ is the service that FATJOE provide, as their ‘tier two’ backlinks. These are links the are used to power-up your tier 1 link(s).

What’s included

FATJOE has one ‘Outreach Boost’ service available, which provides 100+ links, with a mixture of DoFollow and NoFollow

Outreach Boost service pricing


How it works

Once the guest post URL has been supplied, FAT JOE SEO will go about syndicating the content to a large network of relevant sites.


Outreach boost service example

Real Reviews

Outreach Boost Customer Reviews


Media Placements

Media Placements are backlink placements on high authority sites, that are extremely well known (Forbes, Entrepreneur.com), and therefore have an extremely high DA.

When it comes to backlinks, these are the links that really can help to increase rankings quickly, and display to Google that your site is of high quality.

What’s included

Media Placement Backlink Service

How it works

Once an order is made, and the desired link source (website to gain a link from), target URL and anchor text is provided, FATJOE will contact the editor from the site to proceed.

This service is a little different, as it requires more strict guidelines from the editor’s side. Therefore, when an order is made, the editor of the site will have complete control on the content piece which is written for their site, which will subsequently include a backlink back to your website.

This content will be relevant, but may not be completely narrowed in on the sub-niche if you’re linking to a specific sub-page/article on your website.


Although FATJOE do not provide specific post examples, they distinctly mention that they have

 exclusive connections with the world’s largest media sites such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and many more

Media Placements Service Example



FATJOE Content Creation Services

FatJoe have two content creation services, which include:

  • Content & Blog Writing
  • Infographic Design & Creation

Content Writing

This includes content for web pages, including blog writing, education guides, press releases, general web page content, and product/service reviews

What’s included

FATJOE offers a versatile content creation service, where you can choose to get content from 250 words, through to 4000 words in length.

Additionally, the choice between choosing ‘Basic’ and ‘Pro’ writers is available, with it costing $0.03 per word and 0.09 per word respectively.

FATJOE Content Writing Service Pricing

How it works

Once the desired word count and writer type has been selected, the following options will be available to narrow down on the type of content that should be created. Providing the customer with the ability to write a detailed content brief.

FATJOE Content Creation Service



To read some of the examples, please visit their page here.


Infographic Design

This service includes creating (& researching) high-quality infographics, which can then be used to share on social media and gain links to your site.

What’s included

FATJOE provide a selection of infographic creation services, with the number of informative statistics being the determining price factor

Infographic design service pricing

How it works

Once a specific infographic package is selected, FATJOE require more information on the specific type of infographic that your company requires, including a design and research brief section for those who want a more hands-on experience.

FATJOE Infographic design and creation service


Infographic service example


FATJOE Pricing

As you can see, beneath every service offering, we’ve included the pricing tiers in dollars.

Generally, FATJOE’s pricing is exceptionally good, especially for an agency.

Take a look at their website for more pricing information.


FATJOE Case Study Review

We are currently working on this, and will update the article in the next few weeks.


FATJOE Alternatives

There are a few alternative agencies to FAT JOE, and whilst we’re going to discuss them below, we want to make it known that we think FATJOE is an exceptionally good link-building agency!

None-the-less, let’s discuss some alternatives.

The main two trustworthy alternatives to FATJOE are:

  • The Hoth – For Link-related SEO packages, Content Services, and PPC.
  • SEO Reseller – For On-page, Off-page and Technical SEO packages, alongside PPC, Social Media Management & Link Cleanups

The Hoth is very much orientated towards link-building, and whilst they do provide content, we don’t recommend using their content services, as it provides limited control and, as far as we’re concerned, inconsistent results.

We’re written a full review of The Hoth’s services, and we did like The Hoth’s guest post services, alongside their social media account registration service (Hoth LMB), which is particularly great for securing all of your social media accounts.

SEO Reseller is another high-quality alternative, with them offering on-page, off-page, and some more technical SEO packages, focusing on improving site speed and other technical aspects.

Therefore, if we had to make a recommendation, it would be to stick with FATJOE for link-related (off-page) SEO, and use SEO Reseller for technical optimizations.

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