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SurferSEO Free Trial

Last Updated: 26th July 2021

In this article, we’re going to be talking about Surfer SEO and the 7-day free trial that they provide to new customers.

For those who might not know much about SurferSEO, the company was founded by Michal Suski and Tomasz Niezgoda. It’s grown into one of the most popular, up-and-coming on-page optimization, keyword research, and SEO auditing tools.

Surfer is currently being used by over 10,000+ business’ and SEO agencies around the world, which is extremely impressive to see.

Our agency has been using SurferSEO for approximately 6 months now.

We chose to use the Pro plan, and we’ve been extremely impressed with the results that we’ve seen from using the tool on a consistent basis, not only when drafting new content, but when editing existing content and auditing current pages.

We’ll be writing a full review of the service very soon.

In the meantime, let’s talk about the Free Trial that Surfer SEO provides!


Surfer SEO Free Trial

Surfer SEO On-Page SEO Free 7-Day Trial for $1

SurferSEO is providing a 7-day free trial of their on-page SEO tool.

As you can see, the free trial can be claimed at the price of only $1, which means that you’ll need to create an account to gain access to it.

Additionally, once you have paid the $1, and your free trial ends, your subscription will not automatically renew, so you won’t be charged anything extra.

This is something that we personally liked, and really shows that SurferSEO is an ethical company, who aren’t trying to catch out their new customers, but to instead, impress them enough with their product, so that you’ll want to renew at the end of the trial period.

You can claim access to the 7-day free trial here: Get Access to Free Trial


Benefits of Using SurferSEO

We believe that there are several benefits of using SurferSEO, including the following:


Extremely well-trusted and used by thousands of professionals & agencies

You only have to take a watch of the video below to see that some larger business’ and SEO agencies are using SurferSEO.


Data-Driven, Up-to-date information

Surfer SEO uses data-driven processing, to reverse engineer the top 50 results for each inputted keyword. Of which, the user can then further select the website’s that are most relevant for analyzing. Surfer SEO then measures over 500+ different SEO ranking factors, to provide information to the user about how best to optimize their on-page and several off-page elements for their piece of content.

This information is up-to-date and accurate, which is exceptionally important when you’re relying on it within your business’/agency.


Easy-to-use, intuitive user interface

One of the best aspects of SurferSEO is the user interface. It’s just so intuitive and easy to use, for both beginner and experienced SEOs alike.

Not to mention, Surfer has several tutorial videos, with them also providing several live streams on YouTube with the co-founder Michal Suski doing actual live analysis of websites.


Non-logged in user usage – Great for external content writers

The issue with other correlational SEO tools is that you usually need to provide login details to anyone else who wants to use the tool.

Since the core functionality of the tool helps SEOs, business’ and agencies optimize their content, it’s only logical to use this when creating your content, and for this, writers are from other companies or are even overseas.

Therefore, SurferSEO provides the ability to provide your writer with a unique, shareable link, where they can use SurferSEO, without logging in.

And they won’t be able to see any other sensitive information (other keywords, account data), other than the instructions that Surfer provides regarding that specific piece of content.


White-Label Capability

SurferSEO provides the ability to white label both SEO audits and content editor reports.

This is fantastic if you’re looking to sell these to clients, so they don’t know where you’ve got them from, hence they can’t sideline you.



SurferSEO is a fantastic on-page SEO tool, created by one of the most innovative teams around.

Not only is the company trustable, but they’ve personally helped us through their live-chat functionality on several occasions, and we’ve been able to quickly solve any issues.

We’d highly recommend anyone who requires a reliable on-page SEO tool to check out the 7-day free trial of Surfer SEO here.

Additionally, if you’re interested in learning more about their range of pricing plans, take a look here at our article: Surfer SEO Pricing

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