Aurora Review by Jono Armstrong – Does it Work?


Aurora – Overall Ratings

  • Quality of Training5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)
  • Software Ability4.6 out of 5 stars (4.6 / 5)
  • Value for Money4.9 out of 5 stars (4.9 / 5)

Check out the video demonstration of Aurora here

Aurora Review – Does it Actually Work?

Welcome to TheMarketingVibe, I’m Stephen!

In this post, I’m going to be reviewing Aurora by Jono Armstrong and Brendan Mace, who are well-known internet marketers and have had major success in recent years within the internet marketing industry.

Based on both Jono’s and Mace’s good reputation, we’ve decided to write a full review on their latest release Aurora.

Now, before anyone thinks or says otherwise, I don’t personally know Jono or Brendan, so this review will be completely unbiased and purely based on the product’s performance.

Also, I’ve not been given Aurora as a freebie. Instead, I’ve actually gone out and purchased the standard version of Aurora (without upgrades), as I want to provide an honest review of the software, as it would be unfair to assume that you want to purchase any upgrades… Although I will talk about those a little later.

Not only this, I think it’s important that the standard software delivers value, and doesn’t require you to purchase upgrades if you don’t want to. Thankfully, Aurora delivers in these regards, and I’ll explain more about this later.

With that being said, I’ve been using this software for a few days now, so I have a relatively good insight into its features, pros & cons, which have shaped my overall opinion.

So without further ado, let’s talk more about this software and review Aurora.

What exactly is Aurora?

Check out the Aurora product page here for a software demonstration, which also includes a range of special bonuses!

To put it simply, Aurora is both a cloud-based software and a marketing lesson rolled into one.

The premise of the software is to help marketers sell high-ticket products through a built-in, easy to use, automated webinar setting.

The reason why Aurora was made is talked about in the training by Jono himself, as he explains that high-ticket product sales are the key to becoming wealthy, and the only difficult part about selling high-ticket items is in finding targeted traffic, and presenting them with the right high converting offers.

And that is exactly what Aurora solves, since it helps provide targeted traffic to any offer that you wish to promote.

Now, it really doesn’t matter whether or not you’re an affiliate marketer or business owner, this is extremely useful in both scenarios.

The software works by automating traffic from social media channels through to your high ticket product, which is hosted in the form of a webinar/sales video.

The great thing about Aurora is that it is extremely effective, and funnels traffic through to a video webinar (which are the most converting offers on the web today) and can run on autopilot once setup, with little to no human intervention for days or even weeks.

Now if you’re still a little unsure about how the software works, feel free to look at the visual demonstration video which I’ve linked to here.

Aurora Demo Video

For more information about the software, visit the product page here, which also includes a wide range of free bonuses, so take a look!

The Fundamentals of Aurora

I’ll be sharing some screenshots of the program and software, to give you a better impression of the overall user interfaces, which as you can see from the screenshot directly below, the Aurora program has a professional look to it, which most certainly gives a great first impression.

Jono presents in all of the demonstration videos within the program, and explains the reasoning behind why high ticket sales are the most lucrative way to make money online, in particular, by running automated webinar recordings, and converting the viewers, all of which can be done without you even needing to record a video or have an online presence.

All aspects of the process, including where to get free traffic and automate its flow, where to find a converting offer, and how to set up the automated webinar, are all covered in the training videos.

Aurora Software Interface

Now before we dive into the members area and discuss what exactly is talked about in each video, I realize that some of you may have questions and even potential reservations… The main one being:

Q:  Do you need to get on camera at all?

Answer: No, the webinar videos are taken from existing offers, i.e from real marketers and salespeople, so you don’t have to be on camera.

Q:  Can this work for a new marketer, without any experience

Answer: The software is designed to work for both inexperienced online marketers and experienced online marketers, and can be fully set up within a few hours.

With that being said, Jono and Brendan’s Aurora basic software includes five (done for you) webinars that you can promote, and you can find more on places like ClickBank. However, there are upgrades versions of Aurora that provide more done-for-you webinars, if you aren’t familiar with searching on affiliate networks such as ClickBank.

Additionally, you’ll get instant approval to promote some of Jono’s and Brendan’s webinars, which is great for those new affiliate marketers, as it can be a struggle to get access to promote affiliate offers without demonstrating previous experience… Not in this case, Jono and Brendan have your back.

Now the webinar that Jono and Brendan provide is an evergreen webinar, and as is also suggested in the program, more of these can be found on

The software simply sends traffic to these webinars that play over and over again, creating an income source that generates money 24/7, whilst you’re sleeping, eating or relaxing on a beach. And when people click the ‘buy now’ button which is located just below the webinar video, you’ll receive a commission.

Don’t forget, the premise of Aurora is to send traffic to high-ticket offers, and so each sale is worth approximately $300 – $500+.

And this program/software is currently priced at only $27, which is quite frankly a very good price considering what you’re getting.

Now, there are upgrades/upsells, but they include additional features which I’ll explain towards the bottom of this Aurora review.

A closer look at the Aurora Program

  • Provides 6 training videos (expandable with Pro Upgrade)
  • Host 5 webinars simultaneously on Aurora’s servers (expandable with Pro Upgrade)
  • Automate 5 social profiles (expandable with Pro Upgrade)

For those who purchase the basic version of Aurora, there are 6 videos in total + a live training video, and the program includes a support feature if you have any issues.

Aurora Training Software with Jono Armstrong

From a video & audio production standpoint, the videos are shot very well and have been professionally edited, with a mixture of both in-person explanations from Jono himself, through to a screen capture demonstrations. Each video is concise, and straight to the point, with Jono being quite a straight talked.

All of this is supported with clear audio, which although you might think this is a basic prerequisite, it’s surprising how some marketers don’t get this right. In this case, Jono and Brendan’s Aurora course performs well.

The Introduction Video

The introduction video explains the idea behind creating Aurora, introducing the software and also discussing how to sign up for their live demonstration webinar, where Jono will discuss more ways to make money from the software.

Video #2

In the second video, Jono begins explaining the specific process behind the Aurora system, which is to automate the flow of traffic to a high converting, high-ticket offer, for the purpose of making money. He talks about how traffic will be coming from the likes of Pinterest (for the basic version) and Instagram (for the upsell), by using a basic, but ingenious way to automate the flow of targeted traffic to wherever.

This tactic alone is worth $27, and having the software to execute this task is seriously good value.

Video #3

Setting up a Aurora software campaign

In the third video, Jono demonstrates exactly how to create your webinar on the platform, remember, you’ll be hosting this webinar on Aurora, so you don’t need a website, which is perfect for those who don’t want to pay for monthly subscription costs.

Additionally, Jono discusses how to add call-to-actions to the webinar, so that a ‘buy button’ is displayed at the moment the webinar talks about the specific product/service that is being pitched.

Not only this, but Jono also talks about how to get instant approval to promote their ‘Project Profit Academy’ program.

Video #4

In the fourth video, Jono talks about getting access to promote more high-ticket webinar affiliate products, and the process of getting approved, downloading the webinars and integrating them into the Aurora software, as well as your affiliate link, so that you can start to make commissions.

As you can see from the screenshot below, I’ve imported one of Aurora’s pre-supplied high-ticket offers, which is for John Christani’s affiliate course.

High ticket campaign setup with Aurora

Video #5 

In the fifth video, Jono explains how to gain multiple Pinterest/Instagram accounts, and the careful process of integrating each account with Aurora.

Video #6

In the sixth video, Jono then goes to demonstrate exactly how to use the software to automate the flow of targeted traffic, by setting up drip-fed auto-follow campaigns. These campaigns allow you to follow the followers of your industry competitors, and attract their attention for your own products, which in this case is a high-ticket affiliate offer.

Alongside a few other tactics and strategies, this concludes the training modules within Aurora, and in our opinion, it’s done to perfection!

Now with that being said, some of you will want to know what’s included in the upgrades, and they’ve really done a great job in providing value here.

Aurora Upgrades

There are 2 upgrades with Aurora which you can purchase, both of which will help you scale the operations of gaining traffic to your

#1 Upgrade – Aurora Pro Version | One-time investment

  • Create an unlimited amount of webinars
  • Connect and automate an unlimited amount of social accounts (Pinterest & Instagram)
  • Access to more step-by-step, over the shoulder training videos
  • Access to Jono’s exact system which makes thousands of dollars per month
  • Premium support

#2 Upgrade – Aurora Done-For-You | One-time investment

  • 5 done for you high-ticket campaigns for you to start promoting, only 150 people have access to these.


Is Aurora effective in providing traffic

Yes, although the idea behind Aurora seems fairly simple, it’s fairly difficult to achieve in practice and Aurora really helps to solve this problem.

Not only this, but as Jono touches on in the program, most “free” traffic methods take time to work, I.E SEO, which we are very familiar with here at The Marketing Vibe, takes around 4-6 months to do effectively.

However, Aurora is up and running within a few hours, and even Jono and Brendan real that Jono actually made hundreds of dollars within a week of using the software, for his own campaigns.

Are there any downsides to Aurora?

Since you’re automating the operation of social media accounts (Pinterest for the basic version), there is a risk of you accounts getting banned after heavy usage.

However, 5 Pinterest accounts cost $5, and they’re easy to replace and set up again. Also, Jono explains where to get these from in the training.


Is Aurora easy to use?

Yes, as you can see from the screenshots that we’ve shared, the interface is clear and worked perfectly during our tests.

They have a support page which is comforting to know, in case you run into any technical issues with the software.


Aurora Bonuses

We like to provide some free bonuses to those who go purchase the software through our affiliate links, why… It’s a way to say thank-you!

Afterall, the revenue we make allows us to keep the website running and so we appreciate you, our visitor, and if we can provide some additional software and guides to help you on your way to creating an online business and sources of passive income, then we will.

You can find the list of 4 free bonuses on the Aurora Product Page here.

Aurora Software Bonuses


Aurora Review Summary

Overall, we think that Aurora is one of the best tools that we’ve seen in recent months for new and experienced marketers, as we as online businesses, who want to align high-ticket offers with targeted web traffic.

The fact that there are no on-going fees, and the basic version offers a great amount of functionality, all for $27, means that there’s no risk involved with using this software.

If anything, when you begin to see results, aka 1 sale, you’ll have more than enough money to invest in the Aurora Pro upgrade, giving you unlimited access to all of the software’s features.

Therefore, we have to rate the software a 5*, as we really can’t see any major negatives about it.

So what are you waiting for, get your hands on Aurora and our bonuses today!

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