MarketMuse First Draft – Our Verdict & Review (Apr 2024)

Last Updated: April 25, 2024

In this article, we’re going to be discussing what we think about the MarketMuse first draft product, alongside the pros and cons of using it. For those who may not be aware of what is marketmuse, read our post on this here.

You can also see an overview of MarketMuse in the video below:

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However, before we specifically talk about this product, we want to be fully transparent with our experience of using MarketMuse.

A few years ago, we managed to get lifetime access to the software due to us being early investors. And we’ve been utilizing the software on a weekly, sometimes daily basis depending on our content marketing/content optimization schedule.

Subsequently, we spent approximately $5000+ on the product, to get access to thousands of queries and credits.

Queries are used to operate the core features of Marketmuse, which we discuss in our what is MarketMuse article. And Credits are used to order briefs and First Drafts.

What is a MarketMuse First Draft?

MarketMuse’s First Draft product is their raw, unfiltered AI-created content output, delivered by their state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithm.

Amongst the industry, there are really only 2 other competitors who offer such a product, one being Open AI (GPT-3) and Microsoft.

First Draft works by taking instructions from inputs via a MarketMuse content brief, which includes headers, paragraphs, keywords to include, and even internal/external link recommendations. Once the user has submitted the content brief, MM then utilizes their AI to create, MarketMuse optimized content.

However, how good is this AI writer? And how do we see it progressing in the next few years?

We’ve talked about this below.

How Many Credits To Create a First Draft?

It takes 3 credits to create a MarketMuse first draft, 1 credit for the creation of the content brief, and 2 credits for the AI-generated content.

MarketMuse First Draft Review

Now that we’ve discussed what exactly Marketmuse’s first draft product is, what exactly do we think about it?

Well, we currently have 4,344 credits, which means that we can get 1448 pieces of content from the tool.

Therefore, we’re heavily invested in the product, if that tells you what we predict/expect for the future of the software.

However, as it currently stands, speaking openly and honestly, MarketMuse first draft is behind that of GPT-3 in its ability to provide comprehensive English output. And we were actually a little disappointed with the output, as we initially expected better content.

With that being said, the output is improving, but MM is currently preoccupied with improving their core product’s workflow (which is fantastic), so we expect to see great levels of AI-output improvement in the coming year, once their teams of data scientists have time.

Therefore, in our mind, it’s only a matter of time before the output will be high-quality content, which will require minimal editing.

MarketMuse First Draft – Example Output

MarketMuse First Draft Example

As you can see from the above output, it requires a lot of editing, and in some cases doesn’t make much sense. However, after speaking to their support team, their response to my concerns were that this is, as aptly named, a first draft… And the AI should merely be used to put ideas on the canvas, so that the writer can then create content from them.

MM has said that their AI content is put through SafeSearch filters, so there all profanity, rude and bad language is removed, so you can rest assured that the output is clean.

MarketMuse First Draft – Competitor Output (GPT-3)

GPT-3 on the other hand currently has more impressive outputs. We’ve not got direct access to GPT-3, but use a tool called Rytr which has API access to the language model. Therefore, all of Rytr’s output is created by GPT-3.

As you can see from above, the content creation output is more fluid and on-topic, and ultimately this makes it much easier to work with and get inspiration from.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re huge fans of market muse. But at the current time, their First Draft product needs improvements, and we’re certain that it will be up to our standards after a few more software iterations.

Frequently Asked Questions

In this section, we’re going to be addressing some frequently asked questions regarding MarketMuse and their First Draft product.

What competing products can create AI-content?

GPT-3 is an example of a competing AI language model. However, there are only a relatively small amount of people who are currently granted access to using the API, and these are usually software developers, some of which have gone on to develop AI marketing and SEO content creation tools, such as:

  • Copysmith
  • Rytr
  • Writesonic
  • Nichesss
  • Wordhero
  • Blogely

What are the best MarketMuse alternatives?

We’ve briefly touched on the direct competitors to MarketMuse’s First Draft product, directly above. However, when it comes to the keyword research, content editor and seo content optimization tool (including content score grading) then there are several direct competitors, some of which we actually use in conjunction with MarketMuse:

  • SurferSEO – Surfer is a cloud-based SEO optimization tool that focuses on everything from content to technical optimizations. It works using SERP correlational analysis. It integrates with Jasper, formally known as Jarvis, to help with AI content generation.
  • – Frase is another content optimization tool that is run by an AI/data analysis company. They too have their own AI content creation tool, which helps SEOs and marketers generate their own content for clients and sites.
  • Ryte – Rytr utilizes GPT-3 and provides high-quality AI content. It’s one of the best tools we’ve used for this purpose, and one we think currently surpasses Market Muse‘s First Draft product.
  • Pageoptimizer Pro – Page Optimizer Pro is an SEO optimization tool, which primarily focuses on providing on-page optimization recommendations, alongside some minor technical recommendations. It does not provide AI-created content.

Is MarketMuse’s AI content SEO optimized?

Yes and no, the content is optimized to the standards of MarketMuse’s content optimization tool/app (Optimizer), and to recap, this tool analyses the SERP, the SERP competitor’s content and creates a content model/topic model which identifies a prioritized list of each topic that should be discussed, as if you’re writing from an expert’s standpoint.

With that being said, MarketMuse doesn’t assess heading structure, or give feedback about whether headings are too optimized, or there are too many/too few. Because of this MM just looks through the lens of content optimization, from a quality standpoint, and not necessarily an SEO one, although the two go hand-in-hand.

Is MarketMuse’s AI content Ideal For Short-form or Long-form content?

Either! And the answer to this question really depends on the brief that you provide to MM, because the output content will undoubtedly be longer-form content if you specify in the requirements a long list of H2 headings and paragraph topics of discussion.

It’s important to do adequate content planning and research before ordering the brief, because the quality of MarketMuse’s content is proportional to the quality of the brief

What is our overall review of MarketMuse?

We’re currently in the process of writing a MarketMuse review article, where we discuss all of the features of the MarketMuse suite of software.

However, to lightly summarize, we think that MarketMuse is a fantastic content optimization tool, which is really helpful during the content research, content strategy, planning, and content writing phase. We use it on a weekly, often daily basis, so we find it particularly useful in our agency.

This is not only because the tool provides a content gap analysis for any given keyword, but it also ensures that your content quality is to the highest spec, and emulates the same language an industry expert would use if discussing the particular subject/topic, which is important for high search engine rankings.

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